Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Bond and The Pursuit of Happiness

So right now I am 2 for 2 at the movies. I guess I should explain that on Tuesday the whole family went to go see "The Pursuit of Happiness" which was a freaking awesome film. I would have to say one of the best films ever made.

So tonight after dinner, which was a really great dinner, the whole family went to see "Casino Royale", the new Bond movie. It was a good movie. I had issues with a few things dealing with continuity in the over all story line of the bond films them self, but other then that, it was a good movie. So that is why I say that I am 2 for 2 at the movies, cus so far, none of the 2 films we have seen have sucked.

So, right as the film ended, the credits have rolled, and they are just starting to fire up the in-house pre movie entertainment stuff, we hear coming out of the speakers in the theater we were in, "I went to a gay movie.....and I liked it." It sounded like 2 actors going back and forth (like part of the pre movie stuff), but I was still like "What in the fuck....?". Its not that it’s bad, or that I have any problems with that line, but just really weird.

So anyway, before the movie we had dinner at this really great place in Chagrin Falls, OH called "Blake’s Seafood Restaurant". It has to be one of the best dinners I have had in a long freaking time. I started with a bowl of New England Clam Chowder which was to die for. Then dinner was a Halibut Steak in a Lemon-Lime Butter Sauce with Scallop Potatoes and veggies. Again, just to die for. Then the final touch was desert. I shared the Key Lime Pie with my sister and then we each had this thing called the "Liquid Desert" which was Starbucks Liquor, Disaronno, a splash of cream, and I forget what else, but damn it was good.

Dinner was really good, and the place was really nice too. A really classy operation that looks out over the falls in the middle of downtown Chagrin Falls. We had a table that was right up against the windows and it was amazing I must say, almost magical in a way. After dinner, we went over and walked down to the falls and took some pictures and just fooled around.

I must say it has been really nice to be on vacation this past week. I am sad to say that my vacation is coming to a close as my return flight to Albuquerque is on Dec 31 and then I must work on the 1st doing year end close stuff on the Dynamics GP server. A lot of my friends have told me that it sucks that I have to work on the first, but really, I do not mind. First, I knew that I would have to work days like this when I took the job. Second, I have been on vacation since Dec 21 so it’s not like its all bad. Also since I have to work on a day off, I get to take a day off after, so it’s not all bad.

It looks like tomorrow we might do the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and me might also go see “Happy Feet” so it looks like another fun day. Well that is it for now, its like 1:20am here in Cleveland right now (I have kinda adjusted to being on Eastern Time) so I really should get to bed soon.
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