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Just sitting around waitting...

So here I sit at the Cleveland Hopkins Airport (CLE) waiting for my parents flight to get in from Chicago Midway. Its only been an hour since my flight got into CLE, but I am getting bored. I went down to this place here in the airport called "On Stage" which, is just a Bar / Restaurant and had a beer. Well that only blew about 40 mins of my time, so now I am sitting down at my parents gate waiting for there flight to get in.

Last time I checked it was suppose to get in at 5:10pm, but who knows now. It keeps getting delayed more and more, kinda like my flight did. Once it gets in, my parents and I will go pick up our bags and then we go get our rental car and drive out to my sister place in Chargrin Falls, OH.

Being that I only got like 3 / 4 hours of sleep last night, I am really freaking tired. I tried to sleep on my DFW to CLE flight, but it was not quality sleep, which sucks. O well, such is life right? The nice part is that I do not have to worry about driving to my sisters, so I can just pass out in the back of the car.

So that is where I am at right now. Just sitting and waitting....
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