Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

One of my projects this week...

One of my projects this week at work has been to create a card for those of our employees who have zero violations on there Employee Safety Passport for the 2006 calendar year. Having zero violations entitles them to a rather large safety bonus that will be handed out at this year's holiday party.

I was given no real direction on this project except to create a card, cus I guess Hallmark does not make a "Zero Violations on your Safety Passport" card. LOL. So within 2 hours of being given this project late on Monday I had the draft done and approved and had moved onto the final version.

After getting the final version of the card done Tuesday morning, I went and picked up some glossy cardstock paper to print the cards on. I started printing the fronts of the cards on Tuesday which took a good chunk of the afternoon as our color printer is slow (but very good). I left Tuesday evening to let the cards dry since it was taking a very long tine due to the glossy paper.

So this morning, I came in to find that the fronts of the cards had dried very nicely and started printing the inside of the cards. Got done with that around 10am this morning and again went to do other things since the cards take a few hours to completely dry.

I have uploaded the front and inside of the card for you all to see. I am putting them behind an LJ-cut since they are rather huge.



I must say that I am very happy with how they turned out and they look even better printed on the glossy paper that I got for them. So that has been one of my projects this week.
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