Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

That Was Easy...

So Staples (the office supply store) has a very successful advertising campaign in which you see people hitting an "Easy Button" to make tasks very simple. Well you can buy your very own "Easy Button" from any Staples store. It’s a big red button that has the word "Easy" on it. When you push the button, all it says is "That Was Easy".

Well a month or two ago my boss bought one of these buttons when he was at Staples. Well ever since then, the "Easy Button" has become a big hit in the office. Well one of my coworkers is not a big fan on the easy button. Now I do not hit it that often, but I also know that it can really make her mad. So one day a few weeks ago, I picked it and kept pushing it over and over again. I did this mainly cus I am ADD, but also cus its fun to piss my coworker off.

So she grabbed the button from me, ripped out the batters and then left it there. Everyone in the office got a good kick out of it, and we all just started to say "That Was Easy" since she took the batteries out.

Well fast forward to today, and I picked up the easy button again and I started to try and think of a way to make an Easy Button Landmine. LOL. The problem with the "Easy Button" is that as soon as you depress the button, it says the phrase. Well, I picked up our Scott Tape and got a piece that would cover over the button and keep it in the down position, so that when the tape breaks, it pops back up and says "That Was Easy".

Well it worked, and my coworker lost it, and "hid" the button where we would never see it again. LOL. So that got me thinking (after I search the whole office for it), that I could in theory just make my own Easy Button. LOL. So with Google as my friend, I started to search for the "Easy Button" sound effect.

Well I found an MP3 on some website, loaded it on my PDA and went down and played it. So from there it got worse, and since she had hidden the button, everyone was saying "That was easy".

So my coworker had to leave the office for a bit this afternoon to do something for the office. As the Systems Administrator, I have free run of all the computers (which does have its perks). So I was talking to one of my other co-workers when she somehow give me the idea of putting the "That Was Easy" sound effect on the computer of our co-worker how hates it so much.

So since I had already converted into a WAV file sometime earlier in the day, all it was a matter of was uploading it onto the file server, and then assigning it to everything on her computer. My hope was that I could assign it ever time she clicked her mouse button, but no such luck.

But what I could do was assign it so that every time she selected something on her computer, it would say "That Was Easy". So I did that, and then walked away from her computer leaving it just as she had left it. So said coworker get back in the office and starts working of stuff again on her computer, when all of a sudden I hear coming from her office "That Was Easy" fallowed by "WHERE IN THE FUCK DID THAT COME FROM? ". She also said these things so loud that our Service Manger whose office is all the way out in the warehouse heard her. Then the whole office started to bust up laughing knowing what I had done to her.

Funny thing is that, if my co-worker did not make such a big deal over this, none of this would have ever happened, and the damn easy button would still be sitting down in the front office where it belongs.

Did I mention I love my job and the company I work for?
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