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What in the hell is going on in the world?

So checking out CNN today, I just want to scream "What in the fuck is wrong with the world?" Now I know that for the most part, the news focus on the bad rather then the good, but still, what the hell is up with today?

Here are a sample of the headlines that I have seen on cnn.com today:
"Girl set mom's bed on fire, police say"
"Cops: Dad offered boy, 5, on Craigslist" (VIDEO)
"Mom charged with baby's microwave death"
"Ex-guards charged in teen's boot camp death"

I mean really, what in the hell is this world coming to? All of these headlines make me sick to my stomach, but what I think really takes the cake is the headline of the mom microwaving her baby to death. I had to do a double take when I saw that one, I thought I had read it wrong, hell I hopped that I had read it wrong, but nope, I read it right. CNN has a video of there report of the story, and I still can not bring my self to watch it. Hell I could almost not read the freaking news story it self.

And what is up with the father putting his 5 year old boy up on Cragislist? He says it's a joke, but to me that is not something to joke about. I must say that I am happy that right now he does not have custody of that child, and after something like that, he never should.

It just seems like everyday there is something new that just shocks me more then I thought I could be shocked. I really am starting to think there needs to be some IQ test before people are allowed to have kids or something cus damn.


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