July 18th, 2020


I’m probably the only one who find this interestin

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I’m probably the only one who find this interesting, as I nerd out to
transportation stuff. But #NMDOT appears to be planning to rebuild Comanche
& I-25 with the Montgomery / Moñtano & I-25 interchange project! Also for
the first time in the #ABQ Metro Area, they are planning on adding “Texas
U-Turns” to the project as well! (There are few in Las Cruces) . This
explains a news report I saw recently on why the project cost had
ballooned. The news report said that “DOT had determined that bridge
replacement vs rehab & expansion was needed” only they didn’t say this was
in connection to Comanche & I-25. The reader was left to assume they were
talking about the Montgomery bridge (which was already scheduled for
rebuilding due to it be structurally and functionally deficient). Meanwhile
the I-25 overpass at Comanche isn’t structurally deficient, but it sure as
hell is operationally deficient! . I use this interchange every everyday
and it’s horrible. If your on Comanche your lucky to make it through one
light on green. I often sit through a full cycle of both the west traffic
light and then again the East traffic light as I try to turn to go north on
I-25 in the evenings to go home. Now that #PaseoI25 is finished and the 4th
northbound lane of I-25 goes all the way to Alameda, Comanche & I-25 is by
far the longest and worst part of my short commute! . So kudos to #NMDOT
(something I don’t often say) for fixing an adjacent issue now instead of
having to sit through more construction later down the road. Also it’s
probably cheaper to do it now, when your already mobilizing crews for a
different project in the area. . Also, I know all of this cus Montgomery &
I-25 is out for #DesignBuild with construction projected to start in late
2020 / early 2021 if everything goes to plan! 🤞

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