April 22nd, 2020


I don’t know if the actual percentages here are

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I don’t know if the actual percentages here are correct or not (I tried to fact check it with no luck), but the end result is still the same. Masks don’t protect “you”, they protect others from getting what you might or might not have. This is why it’s so important that EVERYONE WEARS A MASK IN PUBLIC! . Making masks mandatory (like what California has done) is the only way I can see for us to start to open things back up. And since a lot of you seem to be stubborn headed and don’t want to wear them (or maintain #SocialDistancing), we won’t be able to contain the spread of Covid-19! Also, this virus isn’t gonna care of your Republican or Democrat. It’s highly infectious (much worse then the flu) and we’ve seen the devastating results this virus has had. . So do everyone a solid and wear your mask when you leave your home! And don’t forget to #WashYourDamnHands #YouFilthyAnimals!

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