December 9th, 2010


Came Home From Work To Find An Early Christmas Present From Google!

Tonight, when I got home from the office, I noticed I had a package waiting for waiting for me, which is weird for two reasons. The first reason why this is weird is that I have not ordered anything as of late & second is that everything I do order I have shipped to my office so that so that it does not sit around outside when I am not home.

So with that said, those of you who are geeks or nerds or work in any form of Information Technology most likely already know what this package is. But, for you "normal" people who do not know what this is, let me tell you.

It is the very first Chrome notebook, the Cr-48 running the new Chrome OS! Yes, that is right, Google sent me a laptop computer! I am now in Google's pilot program for the Chrome OS. I did not sign up for the beta program, but I did take a survey from Google a little while back about how "digital" your life is. They said they were going to send me a Chrome sticker (which was in the box too), but this is a lot better then a sticker!

I am so very much excited right now. I think I am more excited they I have been in a long damn time. This very much came as a surprise to me! I was only going to take one laptop to DC with me over Christmas, but it now looks like I am going to take two!

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