July 1st, 2008


My Job Is Not Glam...

My job is nowhere near glamorous or even remotely close to it, so those of you who thought the day in a life of a Systems Administrator was glamorous can just get over it (cus its so not). Almost all of today and a good part of yesterday has been spent watching data traffic graphs and making sure data is replicating over our WAN (Wide Area Network) correctly.

Traffic GraphOver the last 24 hours I have moved just under 20 GB of data that is backed up to a local NAS (Network Attached Storage) device located here at my office, to our remote NAS device located at our Internet Service Providers (Lobo Internet) Co-location Facility in downtown Albuquerque. This whole system has been a work in progress since about December. It has taken a lot of planning and even some waiting for things to come together, but finally they seem to be coming together nicely and this week we have gone live with our new backup solution.

Back late last year I started my push to move away from doing our backups on tape media which is really an outdated system and can be highly unstable and move to something that is more current, something that can scale with our needs, and something that is completely automated, if I am in the building or not. Our old solution required that tapes be changed daily, even on weekends and when I am on vacation. Our new solution will all be 100% automated so that no one has to touch or do anything.

Our old and new system will run side by side for at least a month or until I am happy that it will work with no issues what so ever before I discontinue use of our old backup system. At the company I work for (well and really, most company’s) the data that sits on our servers can not be replaced. Sure hardware can be replaced, and even really people can be replaced, but once data is gone, it’s gone for good.

So do not let it fool you, even if this job sounds so glam, it’s really so not glam. Do not get me wrong, I still love my job and I love what I do, but it’s just not glamorous.
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