June 8th, 2008


Extreme Makeover: Backyard Fence Edition

So today my father came over and together we install 56 feet of wood fencing in my backyard. I should explain that sometimes I get these impulses to do things, and this project was one of them. Yesterday I was looking over at fencing, expecting it to cost a lot more then I was ever willing to spend when I saw something that I love and was well with in my price range.

What I found was 8 foot long sections of 6 foot high prebuilt cedar fence sections, for about $40.00. Now the lady that I bought my house from had trellis fence that was falling apart, but they happened to be attached to 4x4 posts that were 8 feet on center. So I called my father to see what he thought of this, and then to ask him what he was doing on Sunday with a face that might have looked like I was expecting to get hit. LOL.

So my father, who is a great man, and indulges a lot of my on-the-fly whims without complaining said that he was willing to come help me with this project. So this afternoon we went to Lowes and bought 7 sections of the fence and a few other things that we needed for his project and we were off to the house.

The fence went up really fast and I must say that it’s the only way I will build a fence from now on. For the cost, I could not beat it. Here is the fence section from Lowes that I used. From what I have seen on the internet, I would have expected to pay about 3 to 4 dollars per foot in materials to build it the old fashion way or 12 to 20 dollars per foot if I had someone else do it.

Anyway, enough of the boring junk, now on the fun stuff, PICTURES! For once I remembered to take a picture before we went about building the fence. I have one set of before/after pictures below and for the rest of you people on sucky internet connections; I put the rest of the pictures behind a LJ cut. As per my normal MO, all pictures can be clicked on to make them bigger!

Before After
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As you can see from the pictures, I still have a little bit of finish work to do which I am going to try and take care of this week. I must say that I am very happy with the end result as it gives me a lot more privicy that I did not have before, and it makes my backyard look way better.

Anyway, now on to my next project for the house, what ever that might be. I do have a lot of them, some cheaper and easier to do then others.