May 25th, 2008


Picture Post - It has begun, people already abusing the carry on rule...


So it has all ready started. 2 people (a man and a woman) just showed up at my gate for my flight to Chicago O'hare with 5 bags (4 large suitcase style and a large purse). I am sure the picture does not do it justice.

It took the guy a whole "SmartCart" jam packed to get this crap down to the gate area. There is no way half of their bags qualifies as "a single carry on and a personal bag" which are the rules currently for American.

The best part is that this flight is on a Embaraer Regional Jet which does not have much space under the seat and small overhead storage bins. It will be fun to see them try to shove this crap into the overhead bins.

If this is the start before they are even charging for all checked bags (and I hate to think that they might have already checked a bags too), then this is going to be lots of fun.
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Mobile Post - Stuck in Columbus

We just go de-planed (is that even a word?) in Columbus cus of plane related issues. Something to do with incomplete paperwork issues. Trying my options right now.

Its an hour flight to Chicago, and I have an 7:10pm flight to ABQ. So right now the clock in counting on my ABQ flight. My flight to ABQ is the last of the night. I might get stuck somewhere tonight, but right now I do not know where I might get stuck.

UPDATE: I just got booked on the 6:10pm flight to Chicago, which will leave me 20 to make my connect (pray to god we don't get a delay here).