March 10th, 2008


Martian Child...

Last night (Saturday) I finally got around to seeing a movie that I wanted to see in the theater, but never got a chance too. I watched "Martian Child" (I moved it to the top of my Netflix Queue) and it was amazing. I must say that I am kinda glad I did not go see it in the theater, cus I would have been crying my eyes out the whole time. The movie was everything I had hoped it was going to be and even more.

I also saw a lot of myself in the movie, as for a long time now I have wanted to adopt a child, but I also know that right now is not the right time, as I am not in a place where I can do so. When I bought my house last year, that was one of the first in many steps that would get me closer to being able to adopt a child. I also must wait until I am done with my schooling and a few other things. I must also say that I do worry about what type of father I would be, even if deep down I know that I would be a great father.

There is a quote in the movie, "I don't want to bring another kid into this world. But how do you argue against loving one that's already here?" that just resonates so deep inside of me. I would like to think that because of quotes like that, that even if I was not gay, that I would still want to adopt a child.

We have way too many children that are already in The System, (state/foster care), that why in the hell would I want to bring another child into this world, when there are plenty of other children in need of good and loving homes.

I really must suggest that everyone who has not seen this movie yet go out, rent it, and watch it as it is truly amazing.

Anyway, that is all for now. I really must be getting to bed as I am up much later then I wanted to be. I do not know why, but the whole moving to and from Daylight Savings Time really messes me up. I know that this whole week I am going to be really messed up because of the time change, and it’s going to really just kill my sleep schedule. All I am going to say is damn you Daylight Savings Time, damn you! LOL.

Still Even More Test Scores and Damn You Daylight Savings Time...

First and foremost, this should be the last test score I will post for a few weeks or at least until our next set of tests.

Anyway, today we got our test scores back in my Windows Pro (aka Windows XP) class and again I broke the 100% mark. lol. I started with a 94%, but since a few of the questions were really just bad questions, we were able to argue our way to another 10%, so I ended up getting a 104% on the test. This now makes the second test in a row for my Windows Pro class where I have gotten above a 100%.

I am not sure I am enjoying DST yet. Ok, I know its only been a day or two, but damn so far it sucks. Last night I went to bed way way way way too late and all I know is this morning came way too fast. When my alarm did go off, it was dark outside and not light like it would have been. When I left my house, the sun was just coming up so that on the whole drive in to CNM this morning the sun was at a place where my visor did crap.

But I know that after this first week, things will get better. I will enjoy having more sunlight in the night time. The sun will start coming up so that its not in my eyes on my morning drive to school or work.