January 30th, 2008


Still Alive! Just Way Too Busy For My Own Good...

Just thought I would post a quick, no I am not dead, just over worked, under paid post so that you all know I am still alive.

Life is good, abit a little busy (ok, alot) between work and school. This semester is kicking my ass (in a good way, I sware!) in that I am keeping up with all my classwork and homework, just not getting enough sleep. Classes have me getting up at 6:30 Monday thru Thursday, with Friday being my day to "sleep in" to about 7:30 or 8am (if I push it).

Those of you who know me well, know that I love my job cus it affords me the ability to sleep later into the morning, cus I dont have to be into the office until 9 or 10am. I really need to figure out a way to get my damn sleep schedule back on track, cus no matter what I tell my self, I can not seem to get to bed before midnight.

Anyway, thats about all that is new or changed in my life. I hope its all going well for all ya all and I will try to be a bit better about posting (I know, I say that and then you get this week and half of no posting crap).
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The Whole Paseo Del Norte Debacle...

So for those of you in the Albuquerque Metro Area, I am sure that you at least heard about all the fall out from Paseo Del Norte closure, if not were affected by it.

For those of you not playing the home game, Paseo Del Norte is a major 6-lane crosstown express / freeway and one of the few river crossings linking the ever growing west side of town with the east side of the city. Back on Saturday morning there was a water main break that caused a sinkhole in the westbound lanes of Paseo, that resulted in the complete closure of the westbound lanes and 1 to 2 eastbound lanes until Tuesday morning, which resulted in a almost complete grid-lock of the whole city, even on a Saturday.

Well now, local goverment officals are seeing the Paseo Del Norte closure as a wakeup call that something needs to be done. Now since this is Albuquerque, it does not mean another bridge (or two) to cross the river, cus well, thats way too easy, even if it does cost money. No, since this is Albuquerque they are looking at ways they can just use a band-aid to fix the issues, then taking care of the root cause.

Now some of the ideas they have I must admit are kinda cool, but others are just plain stupid if not really unsafe. One of their "ideas" is to completely remove the middle concrete divider. Um, ya, cus nothing bad can come from that with cars going 60+ mph in different directions with just about 5 feet between them. lol.

I was kinda hopeing that this would spar a major amount of pissed off driver demanding that something be done, but it more appears that most Albuquerque drivers have just rolled over and taken it, which is really sad that we just take backups and grid-locked traffic as normal these days. But I guess some "wakeup call" is better then no wakeup call.

Gas Blender...

I think I have found what is missing from our monthly company breakfast at my office: The Gas Powered Blender. Its perfect for the group of people I work with. God only knows its loud enough. LOL. Now I just need to find 280.00 dollars in the company budget. Hum.......
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