August 7th, 2007


Steve Jobs Cracks Me Up

One thing that I love about my job is how much freedom I am allowed in what I do with my time. Case in point, today I have been fallowing the blow-by-blows of the Apple iMac announcement with help from Engadget's live updates (Complete with pictures) from the event.

So, I am fallowing along when all of sudden I see something, and about fall out of my chair laughing.

10:45AM: [Someone's phone rings, Jobs tells them that "You might want to answer that."]

That about as good as when someone's cell phone went off right in the middle of the sermon on Christmas Eve service at my sisters intern church. I think Pastor Rob said something like "You going to answer that?" or "Answer it, it might be God".

I mean, I can see leaving your phone on during a church service, or even during the Apple / Steve Jobs announcement, but freaking put your phone on vibrate!
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