June 23rd, 2007


Just when you thought it was safe to shop at Wal-Mart...

Looking around CNN Money, I see this headline Wal-Mart shuns gay groups.

NEW YORK (FORTUNE) -- Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer, has decided to curb its support of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) organizations after conservative Christian groups threatened a boycott, and after some of its own employees expressed disapproval.

The move comes a year after Wal-Mart had put on a gay-friendly smile. The company joined the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. It sponsored the annual convention of Out & Equal, a group that promotes gay rights in the workplace, and sold gay-themed jewelry in stores.

So is Wal-Mart ever going to figure out one way or the other if they are really going to support everyone or no one? Does the gay community even care about Wal-Mart and should we care about them?

Sleep, Who needs it?

So my flight leaves in about 5 hours and I still have not gone to bed. Now if you ask if this was my master plan, HELL NO! The A/C at the office died again tonight, and it died good.

After having dinner with my parents, I had just left their house when my phone started to go off. So, I found a safe place to pull off the road and looked at my phone to see that it was an email alert from our temperature monitoring equipment at work. It was a notice that the supply air to the room had exceeded my preset limit.

Since there was nothing I could do sitting on the side of the road, continued on my way home. Once home, I booted up the laptop and VPN'ed into the office. Upon looking at the temperature monitor I noticed that supply air was warmer then the room temp, which means the unit, is blowing warm air. I called up our dispatcher and told her what was going on.

I asked her to dispatch our on call tech so that we could maybe catch the problem when it was happening. I told our dispatcher that I could be down there if needed too. So I got a call back about 5 or 10 minutes later saying that our tech would be there in about 30 min and that yes, he would like me on site.

So I get to the office just a tad before 10pm. The tech shows up not long after and comes up to my office to see what the problem is. Showing him something’s including the temp monitor, he goes around to the condenser to look at it. So he goes about trying to figure things out and I am trying to get some other things done since I am in the office.

About an hour or so pasts and I go out and see what our tech is up to. He explains someone to me, but it goes over my head which is normally the case when someone trys to explain HVAC stuff. He says that he might be able to make it work, but just incase we take a porta-cool up to the server room and get it all setup and turned on.

So our tech goes and finishes up what he was working on, and closes everything back up on the unit. He leaves and by now it’s after midnight. So I stick around to make sure the temp in the room will return to normal. So finally by the time I get out off the office it’s just a bit after 1am and I still have to pack.

So getting home I fire the laptop backup and continue on with my monitoring and start to pack and get many other things done that I had planned on doing before I got called into the office.

So now here I sit. It's around 3:40am and I just finished packing everything for my vacation (ya, much needed vacation). My father is showing up around 5:50am to take me to the airport (to catch my 8:20am flight) with a quick stop back at the office to change backup tapes and make sure the temp is still good.

Right now I am just winding down. I am finishing up some TV and will jump into the shower soon cus, well I need a shower. If I am lucky, I might be able catch a small nap on the couch or in my easy chair before my father shows up. The only saving grace, my out going flight from ABQ is to ORD (O'Hare) so it's longer then if my out going flight had gone to DFW. So maybe I can get some sleep in on my first leg flight.

Vacation, HELL YES!

So here I sit at the Albuquerque International Sunport (A Sunport is our fancy name for airport) using our free wifi internet access to waste time. My flight for ORD leaves in about 50 mins, and boarding should be here in about 20 to 30 mins.

Well, I have now been up for almost 24 hours straight (nope, never got that hour or two nap). Right now I am hoping that once I sit in my seat, wip out my iPod and get my self good to go, I will just pass right out. I am so freaking tired right now that it really is kinda funny.

So on my way to the airport, I made a little side trip to the office since I needed to change the backup tapes for the weekend and I wanted to check on the temp in the server room. Also when I was in the office I grabbed a soda and am thinking that I might head over here to the "Hudson Booksellers" and pick up a over priced soda just incase I can not sleep on the plane.

Also, my flight is going to be highly catholic. I can say that as there are an ass load of catholic priests on my flight (must be at lest 10 and one nun too) decked out in full catholic priest gear (come on, you know what I mean). I could have some real fun if one sits next to me. See what happens when he finds out that I am a gay liberal ELCA Lutheran with a sister (and no that’s not a nun) who is going to be a Lutheran pastor and talk with him the whole flight. Also is there some blessing they do to the plane? See, it is questions like these that keep me up at night (that, and my job).

Well, this is a long enough post considering I am just blowing time right now. I do have 3 hours in ORD so when I land (well, when the pilots land the plane) I think lunch and some other stuff will be in order.
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