May 24th, 2007


No Internet For Kevin...(For Now)...

So I found out today that EarthLink (my current / former ISP) can not do DSL in at my new house, so they are canceling my DSL (how sad for me). Its being reverted / converted to dialup (help me) for now.

So it looks like for now, I will be without high speed internet for a bit longer (Read as no internet at home, cus um, dialup, um HELL NO). I have some backup plans, but one requires line-of-sight to the east, which I really do not have cus of big-ass trees.

Another backup idea is Qwest (which can do DSL, only slow ass DSL @ 256kbps) or Comcast which can do up to 8mbps, but its freaking shared bandwidth and its an ass-tactic amount of money. Even there cheapest option is like 55 to 60 dollars per month (not including taxes).

So for right now, I am at a loss of what to do. It has been really weird not having internet. Most of the people I talk to in life, I talk to online, and some are only on in the evenings. Now the funny part is that just cus I do not have internet at home right does not mean I go to bed any earlier. LOL. I still find other shit to do until ungodly hours of the night (or morning depending on how you look at it)

Other options for internet are out of reach for the moment. Sprint's Power Vision (EVDO) network is not scheduled to be deployed in the ABQ metro area anytime soon (trust me, I called) and Albuquerque has RFP's (Request for proposals) for a city wide wireless network, but hell, even if they signed the contract today, it would still be at least 6 months to a year off from even working.

The options I am looking at are Wireless via Lobo Internet. A quick aside, I am going to show much love for Lobo Internet. They are our ISP here at work, and always take great care of us. It does help that they are a local company (which means no talking to India) if/when I call for support. I know where there offices are, and I know almost everyone on staff. Also they have hooked up some people who thought high speed internet was out of reach.

Other options include the butt ass slow DSL from Qwest which I would get again via Lobo Internet and the Comcast idea. My main problem with Comcast is A) they are a cable company, and I really have a hatred for cable company’s (its a long story) and B) the freaking cost.

On the plus side, I can and will get rid of my landline no matter what option I do. Even if I do the slow ass DSL, I can still get rid of my landline cus of a thing called a "Naked DSL Line" All it is really is just the DSL and no phone. EarthLink can't do it, but Lobo / Qwest can! So that is a 25 dollar a month savings, but I was hoping to not have to pay that back out to something else.

Now if you can think of any other options that I have missed (No DSL / High Speed Internet Is Not An Option), please comment and let me know. Cost is a issue! I paid about 50 per month after everything was all said and done with EarthLink (and I would like it to be lower then that if its possible).

PS: If you ask how I am posting this at 10pm at night if I don’t have internet at home, well, I am not at home. I am in the office (I know, I need a life), doing some things related to the backup's that had to be done at this hour. Hey, it’s the life and times of an IT Manager / Systems Administrator.
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Work Review and Website...

So I hate to post more than once in a row like this, but hey being with out internet means that I can not post about stuff I want when I want to. So this week I had my first annual review (funny how it’s my first even when I have been with the company for over 2 years, LOL) and I got flying colors.

So, not only did I get a raise (it took effect back on Jan 1, 2007) and a bones, but I also got more vacation time. I went from having one week (40 hours) of vacation to having two weeks (80 hours) of vacation, and my boss made it retro active from Jan 1! So now I have two weeks a year of vacation! Woot! Go Me!

So one of the things I have been working on here at work for the past few weeks off and on as I have had time is our company website. To give you some history, when I started at CAC, the website was a freaking mess. On each page on the website, the tabs would not be in the same place. Most of the pages had outdated content and a lot of the pages only had "Coming Soon".

The first thing I did to the website when I started at CAC was moved the whole thing to a CMS (Content Management System) so I could have one template that all the pages run from, and start to clean the site up.

Well in the last few weeks I took live a new template that I had been working on for a while. The old site looked like this:

Well after a long time of working on different ideas, coding each of them, and then figuring out which one worked best, I cleaned it up and brought it live a few weeks ago. The new site is not much of a departure from the old, but its much cleaner and reflects image of the company we want. Here is how the new site looks:

I have also spent much time creating and cleaning up the content on the site so that its current and meaningful. So no more "Coming Soon" on our website, its here now. If you want to look at the site (and even offer feedback) you can view it at I will warn that it’s still a work in progress, but at least it’s a better progress then what we had before. LOL. If you want to see what the homepage of the old version looked like, click here
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