May 9th, 2007


Funny Final Exam Answers....

So I had my last final today (Soc 101) and I really did love this class because the prof was a good and fun guy. It makes class worth going to when I know I am going to get to laugh. Hey, if all my classes were like that maybe I would show up? LOL

Anyway, I was taking the final today (more like this morning at 7:30am) and the final was multiple choice and true/false questions. Well one of the questions was something like "In Society ________ and ________ construct ________ a social barrier" or something like that.

Well one of the multiple choice answers was "C) Sweet, Sour, In the gut". I freaking about lost it in the final. It really took at lot of self control not to just start laughing out loud even as much as I wanted to. There were others that were about as good as that, but that one just took the cake. Good times.