April 10th, 2007


Can I pay someone to do this, and I will just go on vacation?

Yep, it’s really a freaking update. I know, bout damn time right? Besides the update about getting the house when was the last time I did a real freaking update?

So ya, the house. It’s only been 10 days since they accepted my offer, and it still feels like it has been a life time, and yet, it feels like it was yesterday. Its hard to describe how time is moving for me right now, and I really wish I could describe it better. Last week I had so much to do just to meet the terms of my offer. If you have never bought a house, or even made an offer on one, I will fill you in.

When you write up the offer, there are dates / deadlines that you must meet to move forward. Otherwise you run the risk of forfeiting the house or other things. So with in 5 days (all days are biz days) I had to apply for the mortgage in person (done and done), and apply for homeowners insurance (also done and done).

So since I keep such a busy schedule, I am trying to get my packing & cleaning done little by little so its not such a big job when I take position of the house, since I do take position the week before finals (I know, great scheduling or what?) and all I can say is there someone I can pay to come pack, clean, and move for me? Not that I have the money to do that anyway, cus all my money is going to the house.

Now I remember why I do not move more often. I freaking hate packing and moving crap. lol. It just sucks and that is all I have to say.

Well I think that is enough for now. It’s late and I need to get my butt into bed. Ya, sleep, what in the hell is that?