April 1st, 2007


No April Fooling: I GOT THE HOUSE!

So there be no April fools joke about this, I got the house! Yep Yep, its mine, all mine. LOL. They took my offer of 103,000. So ya, that makes me one happy boy.

So now comes the fun stuff like applying for the mortgage in person (I am pre-approved) and getting homeowners insurance started and the like of that. This week is going to be freaky busy to the point that I might have to pull my hair out. LOL

So I should close on it in about 30 days or so. So right around May 1st which is about right when I still be starting finals. So right after finals get done I will start moving all my ShitCrap. Now I do think I will start packing before that, cus, well that’s just how I am.

I do find it amazing how much crap I have gathered in just my 3.5 years living in the apartment. Where did all this crap come from, and why o why do I have to be such a packrat?

Anyway, the house is a 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, 1300 sq feet in the area of Alameda & I-25 area.

Donations to the "Help Kevin Pay The Freaking Mortgage" fund can be sent to "Kevin Murray, C/O OMG I Got The House". LOL
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