March 8th, 2007


Video: Students locked out of restrooms

Video: Students locked out of restrooms (From CNN).

Way back when I was in Middle School, they did this to us for the same reason. Um, having had to deal with this, this is pure SHIT. Sorry for the pun. Anyway, I think one of the things that should be in the Bill of Rights, is the right to use the freaking restroom!

Let me tell you, now that I am older, I would so not put up with that crap (bad pun), and sure as hell never would have stood for it in High School. I would have had a shit storm (sorry another bad pun) raining down on the administration and the district for that matter.

Also, note the name of the high school in the story and laugh! It's rather funny if you ask me. Um, ya, just incase you dont / cant watch the video, the name of the school is "Freedom High School". ROTFOL (Dont know what it means, click here to look it up)

New Look & Feel, Same Old Junk...

Do not worry. If you are looking for the blog of Kevin Murray, you have come to the right place. I just did some remodeling and updating. I am still trying to figure out if I want to keep this or not. Might still change to something different or back to what it was. Not sure yet. IDK, something too nice about this. lol.

Now do not worry, everything is still here, even if it's in a different spot or might just look different. You will still find the links to leave me a comment (Tell Me What You Think) and to read comments (1 Person Thought / # People Thought) at the bottom of each entry along with a bunch of other junk that I am not even sure what it does yet. I'm sure I will figure that out soon enough.

Also know that you are not the only one trying to get use to this, as I am too. LOL. Come on, I am Lutheran, I dont like change. LOL. But its been almost 3 years with the same style, time for a change, even if it hurts. lol.

So I want to hear what you think about this. Do you like the change or do you hate it? Is there something you would like me to change (minor change)? Anything else? Let me know.

Anyway, its the same old content, just a new look to it. Consider it my spring cleaning cus we all sure as hell know its not going down at my apartment (where it really should be happening). LOL
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Press Release: Intern Pastor To Sleep In Cardboard Box Out In The Cold

My sister, Kate Murray, an Intern Pastor for Lord of Life Lutheran Church in Chagrin Falls, Ohio is going to spend the night out in the cold to raise money to build a house in Biloxi, Mississippi as part of her church’s continuing effort to help in the rebuilding of the areas devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

As such, we are looking for people who have media contacts who might be willing to help us get the word out on this. If you have any contacts or know anyone who has contacts with local and/or national TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, ETC and would be willing to help us get this out into the press that would be great. You can contact me (contact info is on my LJ profile) or my sister (her contact info is below in the press release).

In addition, if you are willing to repost this or any part of this in your own journals / blogs that would awesome as well, and we would really appreciate that. (If you need any of the code, just let me know)

If you want and/or need the original press release you can find it here in PDF document format.
(You will need the Adobe PDF Reader which you can get for free from the Adobe Website)

Lord of Life Lutheran Church

17989 Chillicothe Rd.
Chagrin Falls, OH 44023

Contact: Kate Murray
Tel: (440) 543-5505

Church Challenges Members to Raise $25,000 to Build a House in Biloxi, Mississippi

On Wednesday, March 21, 2007, Kate Murray, the intern pastor at Lord of Life Lutheran Church in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, will voluntarily spend the night out in the cold on the church’s front lawn. Ms. Murray is committed to contributing significantly to the church’s goal of raising $25,000, which will pay for a house in Biloxi. She is taking donations to sponsor her night outside in a cardboard box. This money will directly benefit those who do not have a home because of the lasting effects of Hurricane Katrina.

Ms. Murray was inspired to raise money for Biloxi by a challenge from the senior pastor of Lord of Life, Robert Henderson. Several weeks ago, as a part of the congregation’s continued commitment to rebuilding the Gulf Coast, he gave out ten dollar bills to those in the congregation and asked them to multiply their money to raise the $25,000 needed to build a new house. Some members of the congregation have used their skills as craftspeople to make items to sell. Others have sold old items found in their basements and attics on eBay. Ms. Murray thought about all those who do not have homes and how difficult it would be to sleep in the cold weather. It was then that she decided to sleep outside in solidarity with her brothers and sisters who do not have a house – asking family, friends, and neighbors to donate money for her time in the cold.

Lord of Life is a 900 member congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).

# # #

If you would like more information, to make a donation, or to schedule an interview with Kate Murray, please call Lord of Life Lutheran Church at (440) 543-5505 or send an e-mail to