February 14th, 2007


Snow, Snow, And More Snow....

We got snow! (again) LOL.

I would say right now we got about 6" on the ground. Everything is closed but UNM (3 hour delay) and Sandia Labs (2 hour dealy). I have told all my prof's that I would not be in today (since all but one class is before the 3 hour delay).

So right now, I will probleay head down to the office around noon, and I will take it slow and easy going down. If I remember, I will try and take my digial camera with me to take some pictures around the city.

If we keep getting snow storms like this, I will need to find a fitting icon. Anyway, I hope everyone here and back east is safe, dry, and warm.
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Ok, Who Broke Livejournal?

So, had this big post all ready to go, but now LJ's got issues. Only can post small posts for what ever reason right now. So when it comes back up to where I can post more then a line or two, I will post it.
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My Second-Rate University...

So I laugh at the title of this post. I really do. I know that I will more then likely take some flack for calling UNM a Second-Rate University, but right now I will stand behind me calling it that!

So UNM started today at 11am after a 3 hour delay. Now word comes down from on high that they are going to close up shop today at 3pm. So basically UNM was opened for a total of about 4 hours, with most prof's canceling class anyway.

So really, this begs two questions in my mind as to why they did not just close for the whole day: 1st, what higher up at UNM had some big fancy lunch-in that was paid for by UNM that he was not going to miss? 2nd, Or is this just a ploy to make more money for the SUB by being open for lunch? LOL

Anyway, I just find it really funny. And 3pm is such a weird time to close anyway. I mean, I could see closing at 5pm, or something like that, but what ever. The things UNM has done still never ceases to amaze me.

In other news it has stopped snowing, and now the sun is out. Go figure right? LOL. So I am not sure if my meeting tonight is still a go or not. I will have to call someone about that here in a bit to ask.

On my way home from work, I picked up dinner & and stopped at Sams-Club to gas up the car. You know you are in New Mexico, when its cold and you are getting gas, you see stupid people leave there cars running and putting gas in them. When I realised that the dumb dumb at the pump accross from me was doing that, I back away from my car and the gas pumps until they left.

Its really amazing that these people have not taken them selfs out yet.