December 31st, 2006


Going home to snow...

So why does it figure that Albuquerque / New Mexico has the biggest snow storm to date and I am out of the state in Sunny (for some parts) green Ohio. LOL. I only get to hear second hand accounts from friends, websites, and pictures but part of me is glad that I missed it, and other half is pissed off that I missed it.

In some respects I am very glad that I have not had to deal with the storm at all, other then sitting in Ohio and laughing at all the poor people in New Mexico. But my side that likes snow, and really wanted a freaking white Christmas, really wanted to be there, so I could sit in my apartment all day(s) and just watch the snow fall and be all warm and shit. But o well, such is life, and there is nothing I can do about it.

Right now I am sitting at my gate here in the Cleveland Hopkins Airport (CLE) waiting for my 6:30pm flight to DFW where I hope to connect with my flight to good old Albuquerque. Now here is where this gets fun. My parents were scheduled to leave yesterday to go home to Albuquerque. Notice I say "were", LOL. So my Dad had the rental car loaded up with all of there junk, and they were just about to leave for the airport when I look on line and notice that their flight from Chicago Midway to Albuquerque had been canceled.

So Dad called Southwest to see what the hell was going on with their flight stuff. Found out that yes, the flight had been canceled and the next flight to Albuquerque they could get on leaves Monday. Now the fun part, its not like they go thru the same place, now they fly from Cleveland to Nashville. Then from Nashville, TN they fly to Houston, TX where they do not get off the flight, which then will continue onto Albuquerque.

So now since I am flying home before my parents, I have to deal with a lot more crap then I would have had to other wise. First off, I have to get the car out of hawk at the park-n-shuttle-your-ass-to-airport offsite place we parked. Now I really am hoping that the car will start, cus well, it’s been sitting there since Dec 21st. My second "issue" is that I also have to clean all the snow off the car at 11pm and then drive at least to my apartment if not my parents place to drop off the piece of crap Volvo we drove out to the airport and pick up my mom's car. Also if I do make it out to my parents place I am going to get the house fired back up (Pellet Stove, Turn up heat in rooms, make sure pipes did not freeze). And if I really am feeling good, I will drive all the way back to my apartment. I hope to be home by about 12:30am (yep, I will be driving my ass around the city when the freaking ball drops).

Then tomorrow I have to go to work to do all the year end stuff on our big database / financial software Microsoft Dynamics GP. Got to close out payroll and a bunch of other stuff that I am going to review on the plane. Then tomorrow night sometime my parents fly into town, and I have to pick them up. Now normally we would just go home after that, I would drive up to my place, and all would be happy. Well, my grandma has been in Wichita, KS visiting the other side of the family. She was scheduled to fly back on Friday, but was not feeling good so she got her flight moved to Sunday.

Well we got a call this afternoon that what ever airline she was on had canceled her flight and she is now rescheduled to come into Albuquerque an hour or two after my parent’s flight. So now we are going to stick around the airport area and pick her up as well. So due to all of this and the fact that I have to work on a holiday, I am going to take Tuesday off.

So that is what is new in life right now. If I get some time here (we start to board the flight in 30 min) I might do a year-in-review post, but that is only if I have time, so we shall see. Well, just incase I forget to tell you all this, have a great New Year, keep your self's safe out there people, and I will see you all in 2007.

What a trip...

So I never made it home tonight. Right now I am stuck in the DFW MetroPlex (AKA Westin DFW Airport) trying to get a flight out to Albuquerque in the morning. My flight got into DFW ontime with no problems, but when we got on the ground and looked at flight info, we saw that the flight to Albuquerque had been cancled. I know, now everyone in the family has had to deal with one or more of there flights being cancled. Sucks ass!

Anyway, I was at least able to get a hotel room here at the Westin right off the DFW Airport property. Its a very nice place, and I was able to get it at a really reduced rate of 49.00 a night. Best damn 49 dollars I have spent this trip bar-none. LOL. Anyway, so my room service just got here(hey, I never got dinner, suck on it) so its nice to finaly get dinner at 11:30pm.

Also I got really lucky and on the flight here from Cleveland I was seated in the same row as a family going to Albuquerque from Cleveland. Go figure right? So we became really good friends on the flight, and kinda have stuck together during all this crap. So right now we are on standby for the first flight to Albuquerque which is scheduled to leave at 9:20am. The problem here is that there are also 47 other people trying to get on the same flight. So I just talked to the wife (Alyce) and we are also on standby for the first flight to El Paso in the morning as well. The logic behind El Paso is that its really only about a 4 hour drive to Albuquerque, and thats better then no flight at all.

So that is where I stand right now, and my food is getting cold/warm so I am going to go eat it. Write more when I know more....
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