December 20th, 2006



So it has been snowing in the metro area since yesterday around noon. Most of the snow fell yesterday in a 5 hour period which left the not only the city but a good part of the state paralised. I also just looked out the window, and its snowing again.

Right now, I-25 is closed between San Antonio and Gibson; I-40 shutdown from 4th to Carlisle. The news used there Big-I cam to show that they had shutdown the whole I-25 / I-40 interchange. I must say it was werid to look at the bigest interchange in the state and see no traffic on it. Since I-25 is shut down almost all the way thru the city, I can not get to my office.

I must say that I am amazed by the amount of snow that we have seen here in the city. My best guess is that we hve 6 to 8 inches of snow where I am at. But we need this snow, as this will help us in the spring when run off season start.

Well I am going to get dressed and go take some pictures in my neighborhood so that I can show you guys what in the hell is going on here.

Some pictures from the snow storm...

Here are some pictures I took of the snow left behind by the big snow storm that moved thru the metro area yesterday and this morning. I have more pictures, which I may post at a later time.

Looking down the middle of Louisiana Blvd in front of my apartment complex.

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