December 17th, 2006


The Drunken Orgy That Is My Company Christmas Party

So Friday night was the drunken orgy that is my Company Christmas Party. LOL. I left my office around 2:30pm, came home and picked up what I needed for the party and then since I got a hotel room for that night. So anyway, I finally got to the hotel around 4pm, got checked in, and went up to my room and watch TV.

So I finally got up off my duff, showered and got ready for the party and downstairs to our ballroom around 6:30pm. The party started with drinks and mingling. It was really nice to talk with coworkers and there SO’s outside of a work setting. Dinner started around 7pm and was really yummy, just like last year. During dinner I went up to the bar and got a Corona.

One of my coworker’s sons was also at the party. He and I are about the same age and went to high school together. Anyway, since his mom was the contact for the party, they got upgraded to a very nice suite. With this suite comes access to the Club Level, which has a lounge with free food, free drinks (of the liquor type), and other just really nice stuff. Also my date knows my coworkers son since they lived at Luther House together for about a year.

So after dinner my coworkers son, my date, and I all went up to the Club level and got more drinks (a Heineken if I remember right), which was my third for the night. So we stayed up there for a few minutes before heading back down to the party. When we got back down stairs one of the owners of the company was making a speach about what a good year we had.

After the speech, we started our annual tradition of the company White Elephant Gift Exchange, expect instead of each person brining a gift, the company buys all the gifts. During the gift exchange, I went back to the bar and got another Corona. So during the gift exchange, when my name was called, I got a Coleman Cooler Combo Pack. So one of my co-workers always had his gift "stolen" during the gift exchange. As such, every year he has to walk the room to see what is out there, and every time when he would come to my cooler, he would open it up and throw everything out, and then move on. It was one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time.

sprintpcs_4zgi7.jpgEvery year at the Gift Exchange there are always coveted items. One of this years coveted items was a Lobo Hoodie. One of my coworkers in an attempt to keep said coveted item put the hoodie on. But it failed and it was stolen many times over. I am happy as no one stole my cooler combo set, which is something I have been thinking about buying for a while now. We finished with the gift exchange around 8:30pm or so, and then danced the night away.

And dance the night away we did. But I have this problem that when I am sober, I can not dance at all. But get a few drinks in me and I can dance to anything, and dance well (kid you not). We danced from around 8:30ish to when we closed the party down around 11pm. During that time I had 2 more drinks, a Long Island Iced Tea, (I had the popular variation) and a mod’ed Sex on the Beach (vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry juice and orange juice) which made 6 drinks total for the night. I am not sure how she mod’ed it, but it was good. Anyway, to say the least, I was shit faced by the end of the night, but that is why I got the hotel room so I did not have to worry about how much I had to drink that night.

So after we closed down the party, my coworker and her husband, plus her son went back up to there suite where we just hung out and talked for a while. It was a great way to wind down from the night I must say. Originally my date (who is a good friend of mine) was going to spend the night in my hotel room (get your dirty little mind out of the gutter), but she had to be somewhere really early in the morning, and since she only had two drinks all night, she drove home so she could sleep in her own bed that night.

So since my friend (the coworker’s son) was going to sleep on the pullout sleeper sofa in his mom’s suite, he just spent the night in my room since I had two queen beds. So he and I got down to my room around 1:15am where we got ready for bed and then we talked until 2am or so when we fell asleep. Well our 7am wakeup call came way to freaking early. Anyway, he left to go back to his parent’s room to shower and get cleaned and I did like wise in my room.

So just as I was getting dressed the phone rang, and it was my coworker telling me that we were going to meet at the Range Cafe for our annual after party breakfast. The after party breakfast basically is a core group of us who get together for breakfast and just talk and laugh about the pervious night. It’s really fun and this year we had a really funny waitress who had this whole "abuse the customer" act going. It was really freaking funny as hell and just made the whole breakfast that much better.

So we got done with breakfast around 9:45am and from there I took off to the bank since I was caring over 400 in cash on me. So by the time I took care of that it was about 10:15am, and I was beat. So I came home and I just hopped in bed and slept for a good while.

So that is my story of the company Christmas party. If you are wondering why I called it "...the drunken orgy that is my Company Christmas Party", in the first line, well its cus every year the party gets way out of hand. At one point, one of my male coworkers came up with one of the disposable cameras and stuck it down the front of my shirt and took a picture. Well for some reason I said that was better then where he could have taken the picture. Well that led to him to jokily try and take a picture down the front of my pants. So what did I do, I got one of my other coworkers to take a picture of me holding each of man breast from behind. I am so hopping that picture comes out. LOL.

Anyway, its shit like that leads me to call it "...the drunken orgy that is my Company Christmas Party".
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