December 4th, 2006


The Great Divide...

So the band Hanson (yes the guys who did MMMBop) has a new song out called "Great Divide". According to Isaac Hanson, one of the band members, "Great Divide is about facing what seem to be insurmountable tasks, and the hunger we all have for a glimpse of hope. When you hear the voices of African kids, singing along to the words 'I find hope' in their native languages, it makes the message of the song that much more poignant and chilling."

The group recorded the song on a recent trip in July to South Africa where the band members saw first hand how devastating the AIDS epidemic is. "Our trip to Africa was a personal awakening," says Taylor Hanson. "Our experience there made clear that the fight against AIDS is an urgent cause that requires action whether you're in the ghettos of Soweto or suburbs of America. That is the message we want to help deliver through whatever means we can amass and encourage others to do so as well."

The song, which was released on Nov 27, coincides with World AIDS day which occurred on Dec 1st. You can find the song on iTunes where 100% of the revenue from the sale of the song will goto the Perinatal HIV Unit at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto, South Africa. The band has also completed a companion music video for Great Divide that was made from their footage shot during their trip to Africa.

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So after watching the music video myself earlier tonight, I hopped on to iTunes, downloaded the song and have been listing to the song on repeat for a while now. I am still picking up on some of the lyrics, but it is a really power full song. I am very happy that the money made of this song is going to Perinatal HIV Unit at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto, South Africa. It is a really awesome song for a really awesome purposes and I hope if you like the song you will be so inclined to pick it up off iTunes for .99 cents.

Ask and you shall receive...

Last night I was prying for some guidance on how to come out to the Youth Group at Holy Cross, and for God to give me a sign or at least some guidance on this. So this morning in Sunday School, some how we got to talking about homosexual people and how some have to lead "double life's" due to various reasons. Well the opportunity just presented its self as we talked about this and so at one point I said "I can vouch for that as a gay man my self".

Part of me could not believe those words had just come out of my mouth. Even as I am more and more out, I do not find it any easier now then when I first told my mom that I was gay. But out of my mouth those words came, and yes, I think it shocked the group a little, but one thing that I have always loved about that youth group is that they are very open and understanding. Some of them had suspected it, and I think others had no clue.

Part of me was very scared coming out to the youth group, but the other side of me is very relieved that I have done it now. One thing that we have always been able to do in that Sunday School class is openly share stuff and for that I am very thankful. I must say that I asked God for something and he showed me the sign that I asked for.
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