November 26th, 2006


The week in review....

Where in the hell did this week go? I mean really?

This week has been really busy and hard, both physically and emotionally. For those of you who do not know, Pastor Erik is leaving Holy Cross. Now a pastor leaving a call is never something good, but this is way different and do I dare say worse cus of the details? I have known this was coming for a long time, but at the same time it is not any easier to deal with now that its all out in the open. That was Tuesday and I am still trying to get over the shock of it all.

Also on Tuesday I started house sitting again. There are days that I wonder why I even have an apartment, with the amount of time I house sit. LOL. But hey, it pays so its all good.

So Wednesday was good. We close our office early before holidays, so I took off around 2pm, and had coffee with Erik. Then I went over to his house and helped Kelly pack the girls for their trip up-to Colorado since Erik had a appointment. Really I just went over to talk to Kelly since it had been a while since she and I had talked, but I quickly jumped in to help out. Then around 5pm I ran down to the office for a quick second to do something. I had a quick bite to eat and then got over to Holy Cross for Thanksgiving services. Then after service I drove back over to Erik's house to since I was also taking care of his dogs too.

Thursday was Thanksgiving and that was all good. I posted a picture of the aftermath from Thanksgiving at my parents house. My mom made way too much food and holy crap did I over eat. I think we all did. I am not sure how much food was left over, but damn I know there is a lot of food left over. It was nice to spend Thanksgiving with family, but it would have really been nice if Kate had been able to come home for thanksgiving, but I know she has work to do, and not all that much vacation.

Friday I spent a few hours in the office just trying to get a few things done that I needed to get done. I must say that I love being in the office when no one else is around, it makes it really nice to just buckle down and get some stuff done. So since the alternator in my father's car decided it wanted to break on my way back from Estes Park, Co last weekend, I had to over to the west side to get the car looked at. On the way over, I stopped off at my old office since my former boss as been bugging me via e-mail for the last few weeks. So, I stopped over there for a bit and shot the crap with Richard and found out what was going on. Then from there, I got over to Sears Auto Center to get the car looked at since we thought it was still under warranty (which it was). They said they needed to buy the part, but they could install it on Sunday, which was fine with me and dad.

Saturday, I do not even really remember Saturday. LOL. I know I got up around 8:30, took care of the dogs where I was house sitting for and then took off for Erik's place to let his dogs out and feed them. I came home watched TV for a bit and then around noon said "Hell with this" and took a nap. LOL. I woke up at 3pm, and from there I have no clue what I did for the rest of the day. It's sad that I can not remember what I did for the rest of the day, but at the same point its kinda nice to know that for once in the past month I have been able to just be lazy and do nothing for a little bit.

This morning, I got up early for my standards and I got to sleep in my own bed for the first time this week as I finished one of my house sitting gig's Saturday. I drove up-to Erik's place to let his dogs out and feed them. Then drove over to Holy Cross for Sunday services. After church, I went over to the office to find that we lost one of the fans in our server, so the case temp was over 90, which is not a good thing. So I had to scrabble setup a temporary fix which involved a box fan and a 63 deg server room. LOL. So I found that CompUSA had a part that I thought would work, so I picked that part up on my way over to the west side since I had to get the car over to Sears.

Well after I got the car fixed, I took off for the office again to fix the fan in the server. Well come to find out, the part CompUSA had works, but is not the right part, so it's fixed, but I really want to fix it right. So I sent a email to my rep at Dell (yes I buy that much crap from them) so I hope to hear back from him sometime this week with part that is made for that server. Otherwise, if he has no leads, then I have to figure out what I am going to do, which will not make me a happy person. So who ever said that I get Thanksgiving off, must have been smoking something cus right now I really only worked 2.5 days this week, and yet somehow I am going to end the week with 39 hours. LOL. O well.

So that has been my week. In about 3 and a half weeks I will be leaving for Christmas in Cleveland which I can not wait for. Part of me is sad knowing that this is going to me my last Christmas with Erik as pastor and I will be 2000 miles away, but I am also thank-full to be able to spend Thanksgiving with my sister and family up in Cleveland. Anyway, I hope you all have had a great Thanksgiving and I hope you are all looking forward to the weeks ahead.
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