September 15th, 2006


Elton John: Feud with George Michael is over

Well dear god, I am glad that is over. LOL. I mean really, did anyone else know that Elton John had a feud with George Michael? And why is this even news, I mean come on.

This story was one of the links in the "Latest News" section on CNN's website. Can someone say "Slow News Day"? LOL
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Hey Dumb Dumb....

To the person in the brown mini-van traveling on Northbound I-25 just past the Big-I this afternoon: The left-hand shoulder is not your personal driving lane. Just cus the rest of us are stuck in afternoon rush-hour gridlock does not mean you are above everyone else and you can use the shoulder as your own personal express lane.

If everyone else is stopping around you, then you need to stop your ass too. So next time, don't be a 2 year old, and fucking wait your turn in line like the rest of us...
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