July 24th, 2006



So tonight around 9:45pm, I was suffering the net and watching some DVR'ed tv, when my home phone rings. Now almost anyone who knows me, calls my on my cell phone. There are very few people that call my home phone. Well one of the people / groups that have my home phone # is our alarm / security company we have at work.

So if my home phone is ringing late at night and/or early in the morning, thats normally who it is. So at 9:45pm, I just automatically assume its the security company, and get up and answer the phone. Well it was not the security company, but a political ad / questioner thing. I was in freaking shock. I mean its a quarter to 10pm, and I am getting what is basically a telemarkitor. So in my moment of shock, when they are asking for the registered voter of the house, I just tell them to take me off there list.

If I had half a mind, I should have yelled at them, and asked to speak to there freaking supervisor. I mean, I do not call people (expect for people I know really well) after 9pm, and yet they were calling me at almost 10pm. What is this world coming to?

So to balance my night, I was watching "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" when I hear him talking about the power outage in California yesterday.

Jay Leno:
"and oh boy this heat wave is breaking records all across america....In fact, the demand for air-conditioning caused a huge power outage in Santa Monica that crashed MySpace, The MySpace website crashed for 18 hours. Law enforcement officials say it was the safest teenage girls have been in twenty years."

So that balances out the evening. It also cracks me up that one power outage can take out a website that has like 80 million members. I mean, maybe just maybe they should think about taking there service and servers co-location since they have 80 million members. Just a thought...
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