July 9th, 2006


Wow, I forgot how much I depend on the internet...

So yesterday I never got around to the office to do the weekend backups, but no worry it can be done anytime during the weekend. So I figured I would be proactive (I know, me, proactive, no it cant be) and get it done before Church this morning so I could have the rest of the day to my self, or what ever comes up.

Well little did I know I was going to putting fires out instead of getting crap done. Ok, not real fires, cus well, all you would see me doing is grabing the cell and calling 911 if there was a real fire. But no, our internet T-1 at work was down when I got in this morning.

So I called the office of my ISP, but there were closed. But no problem, cus I have the owners home and cell phone numbers and as much as I hate to bug Carl on a Sunday morning, I did. So he filed a trouble ticket with Qworst, I mean Qwest.

So also during this time, I was using the fork-lift to clean the parking lot again. We got a really large downpore last night, and again I have a few inches on mud in the parking lot, and had to clean.

So just about the time I thought I could leave and go grab some breakfast and then come back, Carl called and said that the Qwest tech was on his way and it would be 15 to 30 min. So I figured it was best to just stay put and get food at a later time. So about 20 mins late I get a call from Carl telling me that the Qwest guy was out at the gate.

So I let him in and he got started working. He checked a bunch of things, called a few peopled and then said he had to go check something at the junction box down the street. So he left and cameback about 15 mins late and said it should be all fixed, so when I looked at the T-1 card, sure enough it had all the lights and crap and was blinking like it should.

So I ran back up to my office and did a bandwidth test and it was great. So I only hope that its fixed now. Carl said that Qwest told him that they had a bad pair, so it should be good now. All I can say is that it better last through the next week as I am leaving town on Tuesday, and will not be back until that next Monday.

Ok, I think it time to finish up here, and go to what is left of the church service.
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