June 21st, 2006


Video Post: Regis hits Leno in face with chicken and more...

So I love my DVR, I really do! It allows me to record really fun things that I would otherwise be unable to get with a VCR. Case in point, Last night I was watching The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, which is funny in its own right. But what made last night even more funny, was a skit / segment called "Pitch to America".

Bascily all they do is have people pitching there ideas to a camera crew for The Tonight Show. Well they had some really funny "pitches" last night. Now I know I should not laugh at other peoples pain, but it can be funny. Anyway, so I laughed at The Pro Ramp (VIDEO).

But what really took the cake was the last "pitch". The last "pitch" was for a Mechanical Horse Trainer (VIDEO), which I about fell out of my chair laughing at. Yes, it might be usefull, but damn its still funny.

But the best from the Tonight Show was yet to come. Regis Philbin was one of Leno's guest last night, and as one can guess things got out of hand really quick. Lets just say that during the cooking segment with the kids that were also on last nights show, Regis hit Jay in face with chicken (VIDEO). What makes it funny is how it came about, and what Jay did to get him back. All I'm going to say is once a joker, always a joker.

So thats about it for The Tonight Show stuff, but all in all, a really funny show.
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