June 13th, 2006


So much for Vista....

So I was able to get in on the beta testing of Microsoft's new flag-ship Windows OS, Vista. My problem is that I can not get it to install. All I keep getting is errors, which I know I should expect, but at the same time, I would expect it to at least install.

So I think its a good thing that Microsoft is delaying the ship of Vista. As far as I can tell, its not ready for the primetime just yet. I hope to get a working copy of vista up soon, as I really want to play around and see it work. So I have another computer I can test it on, and I hope to get it to work.

Also I must say that there is a lot of bloat in the new OS. I mean, every comptuer that is going to have Vista, must have a DVD drive, as the install package is about 3.5gb. Thats freaking huge. Also the minimum requirement for Vista is a 40gb drive, with 15gb free. again huge. Windows XP with service pack 2, only takes up around a 1.5 to 2 gb of hard drive space. So I think this is going to be a departure for what we are used to.

I mean right now, a bare-bones system at Dell is probley not going to be able to handel Vista, which makes me wonder what will happen to the low-cost PC. Also, I can't wait to see how much Microsoft is going to try and charge us for Vista. If I remember right, its going to come in 6 or more flavors, where as XP only has 2 (Home and Pro).

Also from what I can tell from reading stuff about Vista, there is going to be a massive learning curve, which I think is good. I call that job security. LOL. I said this back when Windows 95 came out, and I will say it again, Mac's are becoming more and more like PC's and PC's are becoming more and more like Mac's. Its rather funny if you ask me. But only time will tell, and we shall see when Vista does come out.
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