June 10th, 2006


This screams of 1984....(and no not the year)

Looking at Google News today, I click on the sci/tech page, cus well I am nerd. So one of the headlines that I see is from MTV News says: A Dick Cheney Might Want To Be Your MySpace Buddy. So at first I laugh at the title of the headline since it is MTV News. Don’t get me wrong, they really have a great News Department considering they are a Music Video Television network.

So I click it and start to read and let me tell you it reeks of 1984 (no not the year), but the book by George Orwell. Basically the NSA wants to use stuff you post on your social-networking sites (like Livejounral, mySpace, and so on) plus personal information like your bank, retail and property records to create a permanent record or security profile of you. All of this could get you placed on to a watch list.

Well I am not really worried about being placed on a "watch list" cus well shit; I'm already on the FBI Watch List. Yep, little old me. It just really means a little more time to check in (since I have to be checked by a gate agent) but otherwise nothing really bad. No full body searches or anything like that. What scares me is all of this data in one fucking place. I know what I write here on Livejournal is Public and that anyone can read and/or see what I post here. Again, I am fine with that, as I have nothing to hide. But what does scare me about all this data being in one place is that it might be used one day to figure out if you can get a job, get a loan, or even if you can buy something. I mean, I do not mind things for national security, but when we are just spying on our people cus we can. That gets a little over the top.

But ya, like I said, reads a little too much like 1984. Also if you have not read the book, then I think you should check it out, and that coming from someone who does not like to read that much. LOL.
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