June 9th, 2006


Not only was e-mail down, but we lots the phones....HOLD ME....

I know I have said it before, but "Damn I need a drink". No wait, I fixed that problem. LOL. Thank you jack and coke. LOL.

So as you can see from the title not only did we loose our phones today, we also lost out internet connection. Got to love dual-failure.... Just love it.....

So it started with Linda calling my office and telling me that the internet is down. Well at first I just thought it was her computer as I was talking to a friend on AIM, and downloading a file, and other crap (All of which seamed to be working). Well I was trying to hit the "intercom" button to get an internal line when I hit the "Outgoing" button which should get me an outside line on speakerphone. Well I noticed right away that there was no dial-tone.

I was like crap crap crap. So then all of a sudden AIM craps out and is not coming back. So I fire up IE and sure as crap, Google will not load. So I go flying down the stairs at an very fast rate and tell everyone that not only are the phones down, but so is our internet. I'm used to the phones going down, as they go down more offen then they should. I mean really come on. Anyway.

I should also tell you that we have two differnt T-1's (fucking fast internet connections), one for our phones, the other for web access. They are operated by two differnt companys. So then I run back up stairs and call our Lobo Internet our ISP whom we have one of our T-1's with. I get one of there guys and tell him what is going on. He has me look at a few things, and then he tells me to hold, and puts the Carl on. So Carl is like hang on, as he pulls up his big router thing that can see the status of everything, and tells me "Sure as crap you are dead". So he tell me that he will file a trouble ticket with qwest and get them to "fucking fix there screw up".

So as he is doin that, I hang up with Carl and call our rep over at Time-Warner Telecom (whom our other T-1 is with for phones) and get her voice mail. Which was just fine for me, as she has the ops # in her voice mail (I had forgoten to write it down from the last problem). So I left her a message and turned around and called ops. Well just as I was starting to get the ball moving, I hit the "outgoing" button just to see, and sure as crap we were back up. So then I fireup IE and google comes right up.

So at this point I am happy to at least have phones and internet back up and going. I call Carl back up and tell him that we are back in biz, and he checks the big router and does see things moving to us again. So I am happy, for the moment. But I am still dealing with other crap at the same time. I guess I should also explain that we had company breakfast today, which means that I was in around 6:30am this morning. Also I should explain that due to other fires that I had to put out this week, I had close to 40 hours, and should have left the office at 1:30 to avoid hitting over time, and to leave me enough time this weekend to do backups.

Well, that did not happen. I finally broke out of there around 4pm today, so I am not how many hours I got, but I know that I am above 40 right now, and that I have at least 2 or more hours of work to do this weekend. So I need to talk to Dennis (my boss) to see if I can just trasfer hours to next week, and take a half day or something, or if he just wants to pay overtime. Also since I had an major problem to deal with, I do not think he will have a problem with anything. He normaly never does. I try to keep at or under 40 hours.

So ya, that is my day. A long day, so I think I am going to be hitting the hay soon, as soon as I call the Security for my apartment complex about the raging party my neighbors are having..... I remember paying good rent and living far enough from UNM to not have to deal with this crap, o the drama...LOL...