June 1st, 2006


Damn I need a drink: Day From Hell....

Today has been the day from hell. I sware it has felt like a Super-Monday, and not "Super" in a good way. I will post more later, but for now I am really really hungry so it be dinner time for me.

I am going to go have dinner & a beer at The Range Cafe so I do not have to sit in fu**ing rush hour....

More later....
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The Day From Hell...

Do you ever have one of those days where you do not get anything done that you set out to do? That was my day in a nutshell. I spent most of my day dealing with cell phone problems, yes more Verizon crap problems. But I must say that this time it was not Rick's fault. LOL. He has been half way good lately *knocks on wood*.

Anyway on Monday when I was in the office changing the backup tapes, JP came in to see if he could barrow some things. He also happened to mention that he got him self a new phone, a razor, but that he was going to have to take it back as it would not hold the right time. So I laughed and wished him the best on that.

So fast-forward a day to Tuesday, and I get in the office to hear Linda say that Terri was having problems with her phone. So I sighed as I had just activated Terri on a new phone of a different model then the phones we have been having problems with. So went in and talk with Terri and found out that not only her phone, but also Carl's phone was having problems keeping the time. Also Terri was having problems with her Bluetooth headset not wanting to stay linked to the phone.

So I told both of them that it was not a phone problem, and was a most likely a problem with the Verizon network since JP had the same problem too, but with a different phone. So I told them to give it a day or two and then I would call Verizon's opp's and report the problem.

Well today was a few days later, so I called Verizon and got transferred to a phone tech to troubleshoot my problem. Well the phone tech said that there is a known "software" issue that Motorola knows about and it working on a fix, but that also my "software" was out of date, and to take the phone to a local Verizon Wireless store.

So I gathered up the phones that I needed to have the new software loaded, and took off for the Verizon Store. So I get there, and of course I have to wait in line. I mean, go figure. So finally I get up the tech, and tell her what the guy on the phone says, and she is like O, that is a local issue that we know of and a software push will not help that any. So I tell her that it will not hurt to have the newest software and I tell her about the Bluetooth problem also. She says that the software update might help that. So she takes all my information and tells me it should take about an hour. I say ok, and take off for the office.

So about an hour goes by and I take off for the Verizon Store to pickup the phones. So when I get there the line is unreal. I mean, I think I waited 20 to 30 min, just to pick the damn phones up. So before I leave the store I make sure that both phones work, and the Bluetooth will sync with the phone. Both go off with out a hitch. So, back to the office for me.

So I give Terri her phone back and tell her that the Bluetooth should work, and to let me know if it does not want to work. So about 30 mins later she calls me to tell me that the Bluetooth stopped working. So I kick and scream for a few minuets and then e-mail our Rep to have him Warranty the Bluetooth headset, which is only like 2 weeks old. So I get a quick message back from Rick saying no problem, and it would be taken care of.

So not long after I got the e-mail back from Rick, I had a silly thought that I should check the software version on the phone. So I jump down to Terri's office, find the software version menu thing, and what do I see? The same fucking software version that the phone went into the Verizon Store with. It was on 01.1E when it should have been on 01.0R, according to the phone tech guy I talked to early that morning. I was livid, I wanted to take someone out back and beat the crap out of them. I mean if there is one thing that just pisses me off, its lazy people / people who can not fallow through on the shit that they are suppose to do. It boggles my mind. I mean the phones where only in there for one thing, to get the software updated and they could not even do that.

I mean I spent all that time driving to and from the Verizon Wireless Store. All used my own gas to get to the store and back, and with gas prices around 2.90 per gal that adds up rather quickly. But what I guess kills me the most is how much time I spent today trying to get his problem fixed, and they can not fallow through on what they needed to do. I mean, just going to and from the Verizon Wireless store and the hour to get the phones "updated" took like 3 hours of my life. So ya, I am pissed.

By now it was close to the end of the day after it was all said and done, so around 5pm I took off to go have dinner over at The Rage Cafe as I was really freaking hungry due to the fact that I had not had a chance to pickup lunch. So it was nice to sit over at The Range, have a beer with dinner and relax. I am still mad as hell, but I guess I will have to get over it, and move on. Now I have to think of my next plan of attack, which I think will be talking to the store manager over at the Verizon Wireless store.

So now that I have written a book here, I am going to shut up and get some sleep. LOL.