May 1st, 2006


They can walk-out anytime they want if traffic will be this good

One thing that I have really hated about my commute to UNM this semester has been he traffic. If I want any hope of making it to class on time, then I must leave my apartment about 30 minutes before my class starts. This is about 10 minutes more then any of my other semesters at UNM, which also is a sign of the growth rate here in Albuquerque.

Normally as I come down San Antonio, I can see I-25 about a half mile, to a mile south of where I get on at, and normally it tells me what to expect in terms of how bad traffic is going to be. Well today as I got close to I-25 I noticed for a nice change that I-25 was not only moving (for a change), but was moving fast.

Today I was able to merge on to I-25 with no problems and also I noticed we were moving faster then the speedlimit. I think I averaged about 70 MPH the whole way down, I was a happy camper. So I call my mom on my way down to brag about the traffic. Well after talking to her, she also said traffic was a major change from the norm. My parents live in a part of the metro area with really bad rush hour traffic, where traffic stacks up past there road daily. This is also part of the reason that I do not live at home anymore, is the traffic.

So the only thing that my mom and I can figure out is this is all due to the imagration protests. This also makes me wonder if more people are just being lazy and using this as an excuse to stay home from work.

If any of my LJ-Friends from other parts of the country want to comment about there rush hour traffic experience, that would be sweet.
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Verizon Wireless...

I am really getting sick and tired of dealing with Verizon Wireless's bullshit. If what I have seen over the past year is reflective of there whole company, then I will never do business with Verizon again. Even after having a meeting with my account rep's boss over one month ago, I still have not seen any action on there part.

In that meeting back on March 24th, 2006 we were promised 5 extra phones to be used as extras / spare phones for when we have problems with our current batch of phones. Well it’s now May 1st, and I have not seen a single phone, nor have I have heard anything from them. I am going to meet with my boss this week to figure out what we want to do, and how we are going to deal with this. After the meeting on March 24th, I really wonder about Verizon. It’s like they know they got us in the 2 year contract and they are just laughing going hehe, either way we get your money.

I really hate playing hard ball, but I can and do it when needed. I can not say what I really think we should do, but ya, I am getting tired of dealing with this horse shit.

Anyway enough of this crap, its time to go home...