April 12th, 2006


I have turned to the dark side...

So I turned to the dark side and bought a Mac MINI. Its not going to replace my laptop or anything like that, but I have wanted one for a long time, and now that they are using the Intel chips, and also the boot-camp program, just pushed me over the edge, so I bought one.

Right now I am updating from my mac and I am loving it. I really just freaking love the Dashboard feature and also I love iChat too. I really need to see if they make a windows version of iChat, cus damn I love it. So, using one of the Dashboard widgets I took a snapshot of my screen on my Mac.

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Also I really do love Mac OS X, and I think if they made it so that it could run out of the box on a Dell or non Mac computer, they really could give Microsoft a run for there money. Its really stable, and I know that as it gets more popular there will start to be attacks against it. But its still sweet.

Well, its been a really freaking busy day (that's a whole other post on its own), and I am very tired so I going to hit the hay.

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Since everyone else is doing it...

Go to Wikipedia. Type in your birth date (but not year). List three events that happened on your birthday. List two important birthdays and one interesting death. Post this in your journal.

1907 - UPS is founded by James E. Casey in Seattle, Washington.
1994 - First Japanese gay pride march.
2005 - A mandatory evacuation is ordered by New Orleans, Louisiana mayor Ray Nagin and Louisiana governor Kathleen Blanco as Hurricane Katrina moved nearer to Louisiana.

1958 - Scott Hamilton, American figure skater
1982 - LeAnn Rimes, American singer

1818 - Jean Baptiste Point du Sable, founder of Chicago

A song lyric...

On my way into campus this morning I was listening to a CD of mine by Everlast called Whitie Ford Sings The Blues. This is a sort of rap / rock / r&b album, so it appealies to my elcletic music taste.

So I do not remember which song it's on, but one of the lines in this son says "All you nuns packin guns...". I know I have heard that in the song, but for some reason it just really made me crack up.

Anyway, I thought I would post this since I have a few minutes before my next class. So with that, I am off to my realy freaking boring math class. Fun! NOT!
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