March 27th, 2006


Stupid head cold....

So I have this stupid head cold. Well I went to bed really early Friday night and spent most of Saturday in bed trying to shake this thing, cus right now I can not afford to be sick. So I did feel better on Saturday (well at least the part I was awake for). So I was also in bed early Saturday night, and woke up Sunday feeling better.

So last night I was in bed by midnight and up by 7am. Now granted, I know that to have it licked by this morning would have been something short of a dream, but I was still hopeing. Well no such luck I am still sick. So now as I enter the week, I am still sick. Now I have a major project due and a test this week, so this shall be much. My chalaenge is, should I accept it, is to try and get the most sleep I can this week and still get everything done. LOL. Could be fun.

Now the reason I was hopeing to be well by now, was once I hit the week, I have almost no time to sleep execpt for 6 or so hours a night. Well, no extra time to sleep like I need when I am sick. So ya. Trying to get well and balance everything else. Fun.

That is all for now....