March 9th, 2006


Praise Jesus, It's a Miracle.....or Something.

Ok I feel like I should be on some Benny Hinn Miracle Crusade special or something. Ok, enough conservative televangelist crap for now.

Ok, I guess I should clue you all in as to what is going on. I can walk on my own again. LOL. Again see Benny Hinn reference above. Anyway, since Monday when I saw my doctor I have been working on putting a little weight on my foot at a time (as much as I could stand anyway). I have also been doing the physical therapy that she wanted me to do too. So yesterday I tried to walk, but I still could not do it.

So fastwoard to today. I was in the office I figured, what the hell, lets give this another try. So I got out of my chair and with a crutch in each hand, I try to walk using my right foot / leg. Well to my suprise, it did not hurt. So, I took another step and again it did not hurt. Now granted, I am walking, but not fast. I think I was faster on the darn cructhes. O well, its progress.

So for now, I do have a limp, that is being caused by the air cast. I can walk up and down staris, but again I think I was faster on the crutches. So for now, I am going still going to take the crutches with me for a day or two, cus I do not know my limits yet as to how far or long I can walk. So baby steps I know.

So I figure I will use the aircast until a week from this comming Monday which is when I have my next Doctors appointment. Its only a few days longer then what I was told in the ER (one week after I was off the crutches), but I would rather use it until I get it checked out and that its ok to stop using it.

So that is the news for now. We now return you to what ever you were doing before this....

Picture Post - Great Parking Job...

Now I know why my company gets so many parking tickets. This is one of our units parked on the sidewalk down at the UNM Architecture Buildings. Ok, so how I came to get these pictures.

So I have been parking in the Architecture Lot which is across the street from our main Architecture building. So I hoped to my first class. We got done with class really early cus well, spring break is next week and we are all eager to get out, including our prof. Anyway, so I had not had breakfast yet, and I had 45 min until my next class was scheduled to start. So Einstein's Bagels is just right up the street from the Architecture building.

Got done with breakfast and I need to grab something from my car before next class. So I round the corner from Central on to Stanford and what do I see, but one of the CAC vans parked on the bloody sidewalk. So, I chuckle to my self and say "Now I know why my company gets so many parking tickets". LOL. So I take note of the unit number as I grab what I need from my car.

So I am still early getting to class (damn me for eating to fast), so I call the office and ask who that is. Turns out it was Clarence. The best part is after talking with Teri (our dispatcher), that is where UNM wants us to park when we are doing service to the Architecture buildings. LOL.

The best part is that he parked no more then 50 ft. from my car. LOL. Mine is the silver Volvo wagon just to the right of the van in the second picture (I was in a handicap space). So just some humor for the day. lol.