February 18th, 2006


A day spent out of town....

So today marks the one year anniversary of the death of a really good friend of mine. Her grave is up at the National Cemetery in Santa Fe, NM. So I made the decision that I was going to spend the day up in Santa Fe, and put flowers on her, and my grandpa's grave sites. They both are at the National Cemetery.

Anyway, so I got up a little later then I had figured, and since a snow storm blew through the area last night / early this morning, I ditched my idea of taking a new / scenic way to Santa Fe, and just stuck to using I-25 the whole way up. So before I left the city, I stopped at Albertsons and grabbed some flowers and then after getting some gas for the car, I took off for Santa Fe.

I got up to Santa Fe with no problem and to my shock; there was no snow on the ground. From what I had seen on the radar the night before and that morning when I woke up, I was expecting there to be at least a dusting on the ground. But as much as I would have loved to see snow, it was nice to not have to deal with it on the streets and other places.

Anyway, moving on, when I got into Santa Fe, I went to the Cemetery first and took care of my business there. It was not has hard as I thought it was going to be, but I still cried like a baby, which I expected to do anyway. I put flowers on both Barb's grave, and my grandpa's grave. I also took my camera with me since I figured out that I have lived in New Mexico all my life, seen and been to Santa Fe many many times, and I do not have a single picture of the place. So I changed that today and took many many pictures of not only the grave sites, but also the Plaza. I will post pictures when I get the time to download them to my computer. Also, this time I promise to put the pictures behind a cut for you poor people still on dialup.

So it was very nice to just spend the day out of town, and walking around, taking pictures and just relaxing. I walked a lot today, but it was lots of fun to just be up on the Plaza in Santa Fe, and doing the whole tourist thing. I also got to eat at one of my favorite places in Santa Fe, The Atomic Grille. They have some of the best fish tacos around, and I have yet to find any place in the Metro area that matches them. There is this one place here in Albuquerque that comes close, but it’s still not the same thing.

Anyway, its getting late and I should be getting to bed, as the dogs will prob wake me up around 6am and that is only about 6.5 hours away. I will do a proper picture post of the Santa Fe stuff, and the Cemetery stuff at a later time, but I am going to say this right now. Barb would be very proud of me right now, as I have devoured a whole pint Breyers Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream during the writing of this. Also, I do miss her a lot, but I know that she is a better place now and she is not feeling any pain. I also know that she is keeping watch over me though the good and the bad.

Anyway, before I start crying like a baby again, I think I am going to post this.

Peace All...
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