February 17th, 2006


What is this, Night of the living dead?

So what is this, night of the living dead, or what? This is a picture of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen taken at the St. Regis Hotel in New York City. The two are models for a new advertising campaign for luxury fashion house Badgley Mischka. But I mean really what look are they going for here, the 90 year old dead person look or what? Because if they are, then they got it right on. Do not get me wrong, I think the dresses look good and all, but not on Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen. Also, I am not sure how this happens, but the Olsen twins make the worse dressed list each year, despite looking like that. I have yet to find a good picture of the two where they do not look like death!

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen are not fashion, as I really am expecting Badgley Mischka to sign the Crypt Keeper (picture at right) as there next model at the rate they are going. LOL. Really I think the Crypt Keeper could do a better job then Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, and probably has a better sense of fashion then those two put together.

Also for you people who are not in on the know, Mary-Kate and Ashley shared the role of Michelle Tanner on the '80s comedy Full House. So yes loveable Michelle Tanner has turned into that.....
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Picture Post

I shaved, so now I look young again. But I still did not got carded tonight, not that its a bad thing.

EDIT: So I know the photo does not look its best, but you know, considering it was a self-port, I think it does not look that bad. Anyway, when I get back to my place (I am housesitting this weekend,) I will see if I can find a picture of me before I shaved!