February 16th, 2006


So the world is not out to get me....

You know there are days when the Good Lord tests us, and then there are days when the Good Lord rewards us, and today was a reward day for me! I am so so happy about today that I think it comes close to fixing the past two weeks. I think this is the first time in the last two weeks that I have been in a happy mood, and not dreading the next day. Granted, that might be due to the fact that tomorrow is Friday, but I still think I would be this happy even if tomorrow was a Monday.

So last night I had dinner with a really good friend (its our standing Wednesday night Dinner, Beer, and Bitch night), and it was really good to just sit down with her and be able to blow off some smoke. Went to bed, and due to the beer, slept really well.

Anyway, I woke up this morning feeling refreshed but still tired, I know weird combo, but it’s how I felt this morning. Anyway, the traffic gods must have liked me this morning, cus I-25 was a cake walk, and there were points where we were going the speed limit, which at 7:40am on I-25 is like unheard of. So that was a really really nice change of pace, considering ever since school started traffic on I-25 in the morning has been crap.

So school was nice. My 8am class was good, which it normally is. But my drawing studio was great. We turned in our projects first thing today, and then the rest 2 hours was spent going over portfolios and other bullshit, not having to work on something was a very nice change of pace. Also we got out of class about 45 min early which was also very nice, so I came home made lunch and then took a nap.

Work was really relaxing for a change (not that work has been bad, just uber busy), and that was a nice change of pace. I was able to get out of the office close to 4:30 to goto CompUSA to buy some things that I needed for the office and got back right around 5pm, and again Traffic God's must have been with me, because when I left the office at 4:30pm, traffic on I-25 northbound was shit, which is what I have to deal with coming back from CompUSA and going home. Anyway, when I came back at 5pm, traffic was fine and I got on and off I-25 with no issues, so that was another very nice change.

So around 5:20pm, I get a call from Kelly asking me if I was free tonight because she wanted to go see Broke back Mt. I said I was, and then she invited me to dinner, which was not that far from the office so I took off for there. Had a really nice dinner with Kathy and Kelly at Mimi's Cafe, which was really nice. So from there, Kelly and I drove over to Century Rio 24 and saw the movie.

So over all today has been a great day, and this weekend is looking good too. So again that will be another nice change. So I am starting to feel like the world is not out to get me anymore, but they could still be, they could just be regrouping right now. LOL.

Anyway, it’s late and I should be getting to bed.
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Damn I love this country....

So looking at CNN before bed tonight, I see this headline among all the others: Cops: Kids bribed teacher to skip gym. Now as I read this headline, I am like, WTF! This even trumps the headline I just saw from our local paper about how Tunneling threatens to collapse Rio Grande Boulevard. LOL. Only in Albuquerque! Anyway, back to the Gym Teacher story.

My first comment was what the fuck is our would coming to, and my second thought was, where was this guy when I was in middle school, cus there were a few days where I did not feel like doing the gym stuff. LOL. Anyway, there are a few choice comments from this story, and I really like what Ronnie Arnold, spokesman for the Escambia County School District said, "It's not bad if you can make an extra $100 a day tax free," and in some respects, I am surprised that the school district let him make that comment. I mean, you are the spokesperson for the district. You are suppose to protect the districts image, not make an even bigger ass of the district.

But hell, I would love to make 100 dollars tax-free a day. Crap, I mean that would be 18,000 dollars extra a school year (assuming a 180 day school year). And that is assuming he only took in 100 dollars per day. I mean, he could have made much more, which I do not have to tell you, would be much more money! Crap, 18,000 dollars is about what I made last year, and I had to pay taxes on that. So to make an extra 18,000 plus your salary must be very nice! Too bad he got caught, or he could have been the next Bill Gates. LOL. Anyway, if you want to read the story, the link is above, or for you lazy people, its behind the Lj-cut!

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