February 14th, 2006


Picture Post - My office...

I finally got around to cleaning my office & the server room last week. So I took some pictures with my phone to show it off, and I am really sorry that I do not have any before pictures, but just trust me that it was a total freaking mess. I found stuff that was 13 to 15 years old, which makes me ask, did the guy who had this job before me ever throw anything out? (My guess is no). Anyway, I also rearranged the furniture and added some new stuff, and removed some other furniture that did not work well in both rooms. Over all, I think it looks damn good, and I have gotten comments from both owners of the company, one of whom is the GM and my boss, about how good it looks, and how good of a job I did. Anyway, below are the pictures.

(My office showing my desk)

(Other side of my office, opposite of my desk)

(Server Room)
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