February 12th, 2006


Damn, is it vacation time yet?

I have been really bad about updating this thing as of late. It might have something to do with the fact that I have been uber busy this week, which I talked about in my post on Wednesday which was approatley titled "Running just to catch my self...".

Well Wednesday was the only day this past week when I got out of the office before 6pm, which really just blows my mind. Normaly I leave around 5pm with everyone else in the company, maybe staying until 5:30 or 6pm if I am in the middle of a project and do not want to stop what I am doing. But, when that happens its normaly only one day a week if that, not 4 out of 5 days. LOL. But in some regard I have been working on a long term project, and each day I do not want to stop and go home. Thrusday was the worse day, when I stayed until 9pm, and then figured / remembered, "Hey I still have not had dinner, maybe its time I go home". LOL.

I have been working on cleaning / organzing the server room and my office, and that means I have been moving stuff around, replacing furnerture and other things and stuff like that. Really with me, when I get to doing that type of stuff I just lose tract of time which in some regard is a good thing and a bad thing. Good thing is that my boss (who is also part owner of the company), and one of our VP's, who is the other part owner noticed what I have been doing and both have given me many complements about it. So that is very nice and granted I am paid by the hour, and I have 32.5 hours for the week, and I still have to do the weekend backup, so I am thinking I might have 36 hours for the week. So a uber big paycheck next week will be very nice also. In the other regard, since I have worked 32 hours this week, and been in class, and have had lots of school work its has kept me very very busy. Add ontop of that my sleep schedule has been so messed up since the lockin last weekend and that make me one very tired person.

Really its quite funny some of the crap that I pulled out of not only the server room, but also my office. Out of the server room I found a crap load of really really old cell phones, for a network we do not even use anymore, nor due to a FCC mandate, could use anymore even if we were to switch companys. Out of my office I think I found the stuff that historins may want. lol. I had Dos 6.22 disks and book, and Great Plains Dynamics verison 3.0 manuals comming out of my ass! I mean, which national forest loss its life for that verison. LOL. I mean, do I really need manuals for a peice of software that we are now on verision 7.5 of, and about to goto 9.0. That and 3.0 runs in Dos and on a database software they do not even support anymore nor do we use it. LOL.

So ya, I have not droped off the face of the earth yet, but somedays feel close to it. Also this weekend has not been going quite how I and hoped, but I will live with it. I did get 12 hours of sleep Friday night / Saturday morning, which was quite nice and something that I have not been able to do in over a month now. I know they say that you can not makeup for lost sleep, but I am going to disagree with them. LOL. I mean, I know physicaly you can not but sometimes you really just need to sleep for 12 hours to get your self rested. Being that I have been running non stop for almost a month now with 5 to 6 hours of sleep this whole past week, I just needed to get some good time with my friend, My Bed. LOL.

One down side of sleeping until 1:30pm is that you are up at 1:30am. LOL. That and I did fall asleep on the couch tonight watching Mythbusters, and missed one that I really wanted to see. O well. But I should ben heading to bed really soon so I can get up in the morning.

Well with all of that said, I do think its time that I hit the sack and get some sleep before I have to run off to Sunday School in the morning. O wait, its already Sunday morning. LOL. I will try to be better about updating this thing so you people do not think I have died, or fallen off the face of the planet of fallen into a really deep hole.


BTW, another fav usericon of mine, and really sounds like some of the phone calls I get from our alarm company. Also I really need to update about Friday cus that was a cluster-fuck, but later. For now I am just happy about getting an update on me done. Granted, when I get those calls, no one is next to me, and I do not have a beer in my hand. LOL. I really do think my response to one of those said phone calls on Christmas eve morning back in 2004 at 4am was "Son of a bitch, I'll be right there". I also know my other response that time when APD called me went like this:

APD COP: Is this Kevin?
ME: (sleepy) yes....

APD: We are investaging a robbery at "ADDRESS HERE". Can you come down, or is there someone who can comedown?
ME: Your fucking with me right?

APD: No sir, we do not fuck with people.
ME: LOL, ok, Son of a bitch, I'll be right there.

So ya, let it be said that cops do have a sense of humor at 4am on Chirstmas eve morning.
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Damn you homework....

LOL, so I am in the office working on homework for many reasons. One I still have things down here that I need to get done and if I can kill two birds with one stone, why not? Also, we have a rather large drafting table here at the office and I am using it to try and get some of my homework for my Arch 104 class done. Plus its not my home, so I do not get as distracted here as much as I do at home, so I can get more done, which in my book is a big plus.

So this weekend has been one big cluster fuck, which I cant even get into here due to differnt issues and such. Lets just say that my plan of getting out on the open road and going for a drive somewhere did not happen, and ya. On a plus side, I did take down my christmas lights today (I know, how late), so I am glad that is done now. Its one less thing on my to do list, which is a good thing.

So I keep having these dreams that I am about to go on a vacation, or I am on vacation but things keep happening, like I forget to pack or some bullshit like that. I think this is a sign that my body is trying to tell me something, so I am thinking that depending on what this next week has instore for me, I might try and get out of town for the weekend, but I am not sure what I can do. It would have to be something I could drive to in about half a day, and a hotel room might be in my future. So I do not know, but flying anywhere is out of the idea cus A) it bloody costs too much, and B) takes too long with security wait and connections and what not. Granted a random trip to Vegas, or LA would be fun, but I would need a least 2 week notice to do that to get a good deal in flight and hotel. So I do not know. But I am starting to think I so need to just get away from all of this for a few days!!!!

Damn I wish it was spring, that way I could just take off and go camping or goto the lake, but no its still way too cold for that. So if anyone has any ideas as to what I could do that would get me the fuck out of here for a weekend, and give me some relaxation, I am open for suggestions. Ok, I have ranted about my life for enough now, time to think about dinner, or getting back to work on the bloody homework!
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This is why I am proud to be an American....LOL.

So I am sure by now everyone has heard that Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot and wounded a companion during a weekend quail hunting trip in Texas. When I first saw iconoclast's post about Cheney shooting someone, and his screen capature from MSNBC, I first thought it was a photoshop'ed image or something, but them when I check CNN later in the day, I was shocked to see the headline there too.

So checking LJ before I leave the office for home, I saw that Scott Adam (the guy behind Dilbert), had updated his blog, and wrote about this. Now, when you read his version of the story, have to take into account that he is a comic, so everthing he writes is scewed in one way or another, and I laugh my ass off at almost everything he posts. Today was no differnt. I will not repost what he wrote, but you can check it out by going to his blog "The Dilbert.Blog", and reading the story. But, below are some of the fav quotes that people have left him as comments to his post. Some are freaking great! So, read with joy.....

"I'm not the first to point it out, but...

Hunting with Dick Cheney is still safer than driving with Ted Kennedy."

This settles it, Bush and Cheney just have to be added to the list of great comedy duos.

Didn't your mother teach you not to post blogs while people are eating or drinking? Someone can choke after reading that.

Luckily, I wasn't in the process of consuming anything.

He should have known better than to stand in between a Dick and his bird.

love it. 'cuz you just can't make this stuff up.

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