February 1st, 2006


Random Photo Update!

So, looking thru the "My Pictures" folder on my computer, I found some really really funny crap on there.

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Also, for the first time I am using a userpic that I have always wanted to, and now I can. That is all for now. I sware I will have normal posting again soon!
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The hard choices in life...

To get a Crackberry or not, that is the question. A hard one I must say too.

I have the chance to get a blackberry for work, and I guess the real question is to get it, or get a pocket PC with a data plan. Both have there own plus and minus to go with them.

I meen the blackberry is a great corp email tool, but beyond that, I do not know what its abilites are. I know that people who have blackberry's love then, which is why they are nick named "CrackBerry".

But like I said, I really have no clue as to what else they can do or not do, where as with the pocket PC I know what it can do as I use one lmost every day of the week.

So that is my hard choice for now...