January 28th, 2006


The AFA & Focus on the Family

There is a group that calls them selfs The American Family Association, but what in the hell do they really know about family’s unless they fit in to there narrow minded views on issues. Well the AFA and the dumb dumbs over at "Focus on the Family" need to grow the up and get with the times. This is the year 2006, not 1906 and I think you guys should act like it. In the year 2006 we have this thing called "diversity", yep, "diversity". I hate to go all nerd on you, but "Diversity" is defined as "The quality of being made of many different elements, forms, kinds, or individuals".

Diversity means that we live in a world where we not only accept different, but celebrate out differences. Also this means that we live in a world with homosexuals. Since we are on the subject, there is no such thing as the "Homosexual Agenda". Well, I take it back; the only thing WE want is to get all the same rights as everyone else. So I guess you could call that the "Homosexual Agenda". I know Homosexuality is a really big hot button item, believe me, I know. But I also think if people had any ideas who around them in there family’s is gay, they would be surprised and not have a clue! Everyone has someone in there family who is gay, if they know it or not. And I mean everyone!

Also, in my book, abortion is a choice a woman should have. What is so wrong with giving someone the choice to make a decision that does in fact affect them? Why is this so hard for you guys at the AFA and the Focus on the Family to see? Why is it so hard to let people make there own decision? That is something that I just do not understand, and I guess I never will.

My last item of rage or rant is Entertainment! Why is it that whenever there is a TV show, or movie that has god or someone talking to god, or any sort of religion in it related to humor, people get pissed off. I for one would like to think that my god (and your god for that matter) has a very big sense of humor. I mean just look at this planet we live on, or humans for that matter. I mean God has to have a sense of humor.

I think Gregory Lee who is a bivocational pastor for two United Methodist churches in south Georgia said it best when he sat down and watched "The Book Of Daniel", and had this to say in his blog on the homosexual topic in "The Book Of Daniel" as related to religion and church in today’s world, and the AFA's boycott of the tv show "1. Acceptance of Homosexuality. As most of us know, the Episcopal Church is very liberal, in cultural issues and in theology, and accept homosexuality as normal behavior in both parishioners and in clergy (as evidenced by the recent affirmation of a professing homosexual as Bishop). This is objectionable to me, but that is not something that NBC put in the show. Whether we like it or not, this is part of the Christian community in America. This is real life as lived out by our brothers and sisters in Christ in the Episcopal Church and in other denominations throughout the country. This is something that most of the major mainline denominations in the U.S. have had to deal with or are in the midst of dealing with at this time. Boycotting it and sweeping it under the rug does not take away the problem in the church." (Link to full blog entry here)

Anyway, the AFA and Focus on the Family must have no sense of humor cus they seem to think every show is out to diss God, when I think most shows are just trying to show life, with maybe just a little more drama. Joan of Arcadia was a really great show in which Joan talks to God who appears as normal everyday people from the street. I do not remember if the AFA or if Focus on the Family had a problem with them, but I would think they would. Those are the only shows, but as Gregory Lee, who I talked about above, said that the show showed "Jesus in a positive light", and "when was the last time you saw a television show portray Jesus in a positive light?" Which I think minus a few shows is a very true statement.

Anyway, I think I have said enough for now...

So here I sit....

So here I sit, working on a computer for the Central New Mexico Affiliate of The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, I remember how much I love to work with non-profit groups and how much joy it brings to be when I do stuff for them.

That is probley why I love helping out in the church. It gives me a sence that I am doing good things (and I would like to hope I am). I mean, I love my day job and everything and really get great fullfulment out of that, but when I am working with a non-profit who has a really good cause, much like the Susan G Komen Foundation, it gives me great joy.

So right now, I have just gotten done formating and reloading windows 98 (talk about old), on to a computer. I just reloaded the anti-virus software and did windows update. Now I am trying to install the printer again, and hoping it works. The printer is the reason why I decided to just wipe the computer clean and rebuild it.

For anyone who has not work inside a non-profit, most of the time you get what people are willing to give / donate to you. Well I must say the CNM Affilite of the Susan G. Komen foundation has been blesed in many ways. They just got office space donated to them (which is really cool), and a bunch of companys have helped out and donated funture and other stuff.

Well when we get to the subject of computers, even non-profits need them. So we got really lucky and got a few good computers (could be a bad name for a movie) donated. So, they went out and bought a good all-in-one printer/scanner/copier for the office. When Kathy the Administrative Assistant installed the printer on the laptop everything went fine. Then she tried hooking it up to the desktop computer and that is when all of the fun started.

Kathy is the type of person who I beleave is not afraid of computers and whatnot, so she gave it a go, and when it failed, she did not give up, she tired again. So, when that failed, she talked to HP (who made the printer), and tried everything they suggested. So, when that failed, she finaly broke down and called me.

So I figued that this would be a very easy project and that it would not take that long at all. Well, little did I know how long this was going to take, and really I am fine with how long it has taken to fix it. So Thursday since I had sometime built up I left the office around 3:30 and came over to there office and started to work on that and a few other things.

Like Kathy, I tried a few times to get it to install. When that failed, I tried a few other things and that too did not work. Well when did not work, I broke down and got out there laptop and hooked it up next to the computer I was working on and started a chat session with HP. I did not call them as a chat session works much better for me, and allows me to still use my ipod. LOL. Anyway, I worked for 4 hours or so with the guy from HP and still had not gotten it fixed. So finaly totaly fedup with the computer / printer and also it being close to 11pm and I had not had dinner yet, I gave up.

So I sent a email to Paula who is the Executive Director of the Central New Mexico Affiliate, and a really good and close friend (which is how I have gotten involoved with the Komen Foundation) and told her what I had gotten done so far on all the comptuers. I then asked if there was anything on the desktop comptuer that they really needed since I figured in the long run it would be better if I just formated and reloaded the computer. She told me that no, there was nothing on there yet, and that I could do what ever I needed to make it work.

So on Friday at my office I found the disks and drivers I would need for the computer and got everything that I needed ready to go. So Saturday after getting a bunch of other stuff done down at my old office (yes I still help them), I went back to my apartment got some stuff and went down to my office did what I needed to down there, and grabed what I needed to format and reload the comptuer.

Stopped at The Range on my way to the Komen office for dinner, and finaly got here around 8pm. Also when I got here, I was being a total stupid head, and ended up locking my keys in my car (fun fun, NOT!). So I called my dad, and asked him if he would mind comming up and unlocking my car for me. Lucky for me, I had grabed the keys to the building before I locked my keys in my car, so I was able to go in and get started as I waited for my dad to come and unlock my car.

So about 35 min later here or so, my mom and dad pull up out side the office and call me to let me they know they got here. So I went down and got my keys out of my car, and then since they came the whole way up, <>miles one way, I figured I would at least show them the office and stuff.

So gave them the tour and then they went on there way back to where they came from (Corrales). Then I got started working on the computer. I got the comptuer formated and got Windows 98 reinstalled really easy. I then got all the drivers loaded up and got the computer back to a normal working order. Got the anti-virus reinstalled and did Windows Update to get all the security patches and stuff the comptuer needs. So, finaly with the computer updated and patched and read to go, and I started to install the printer.

So, stuck the CD in the drive and the install software started right up and started going at it. So I must add that this software for the printer to install take 10 days and a year to install. I am not sure what all it installs, but I think it must be installing every little peice of software it could get its hands on. LOL. Anyway, so finaly I get to the point here I needed to connect the USB cable, and it found the printer (like it had done before), and everything was looking good.

So finaly it gets to the point where it says it has to reboot (which is normal in Windows 98). So I let it reboot and windows starts back up. Now normaly this is where the install would crap out and the printer would not work. So when the comptuer came backup I checked the printers folder and sure enough there was the printer. I think I screamed "Hell YES!" lol. So I let the install finish up what it needed and had the computer print a test page and it printed just fine!

So right now I am finishing up on a few last things. Then after that I am going to clean up and get ready to head out and go home.