January 9th, 2006


Major phone issues

Ok, my cell phone is a paper weight right now. Sprint is having major issues and all I can do with my phone right now is call out to some local Albuquerque numbers and sometimes use the "Vision" internet service.

Right now Sprint is dealing with DS3 cuts and this is affecting most of the western half of the United States. A DS3 is a really freeking large intenet connection that is used to link large networks together. Sprint does not have a timeline on when this is going to be fixed.

So, for now, I am using one of the work cell phones, so if you need to call me, place a comment here, and I will reply with the number.

I am hoping they can get this fixed soon, cus I hate caring two differnt cell phones.

Update to the phone problems...

Well, they seem to have most of the problems fixed right now. So, they have fixed the cuts or have rerouted the network around. I now have the ability to call in and out, from both local and long distance numbers. Voice mail seems to be back and working fine too. I even got *2 to work, which is the Customer Care number.

So I am back on my normal cell phone number, so you all can reach me there if you need me.

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