January 5th, 2006


Ferrari Notebook Computer, Ya you heard right....

So I got a call today from my account rep over at PC Connection, so she and I got to talking, and she mentioned a new notebook computer that had gotten demoed in her office. It's called the "Ferrari Notebook", and is built by Acer.
So, now this thing cracks me up big time. Really, a Ferrari notebook computer, just what ever IT person who is trying to over compensate needs (wink wink). LOL. Or, as my account rep suggested to me, its really good for the President or VP of the company. I laughed really hard when she said that. Cus, our GM / Co-Owner is the only one who might even need such a high performance computer, and even then its over kill for him. Our two VP's would not even know what to do with this thing, beside maybe drop it. LOL.

I really don’t need a show computer, as all I really care about is performance, and reliability (which is why I got Dell). Both my home and work laptops are Dell's and are both really damn good computers that almost never fail. When they have failed, Dell has fixed the problem and it was fixed quickly. I have never had a problem with Dell's tech support people, and I can even understand them!

But, still when I saw this thing, I laughed hard! According to my rep, its even got a porsche hard drive. LOL Too Funny!

Anyway, I thought you all would get a kick out of this thing.

I am a baddddd little boy....

So, I was doing a around of Windows Update on all the computers in the office tonight. When I got to Linda's computer, I noticed that she had Texas Longhorns wallpaper on her desktop, and I got a very very evil idea. My idea; To change her wallpaper from Texas Longhorns to USC Wallpaper. So, I did it, and I also took some photos so show the before and after.



Also, for the fun of it, I have her computer setup to send a message to her at logon that says "!!USC RULES!!". LOL . So it should be fun to see Linda's expression in the morning when I get into the office. Now all I hope is that Linda does not rip my balls off, or something painful like that for what I did to her computer. LOL. Being the Systems Administrator does have its privileges I must say. HEHE.
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