December 20th, 2005


Just an FYI to everyone...

EDIT: So go figure, it all cought up with me when I was on the plane back to Albuquerque. Well, everything from this evening has posted. I have no clue if or when the stuff I tried to post by e-mail from this morning will ever post. So we shall see. Time to change/close my trouble ticket.

So, this is just an FYI to anyone who reads my journal. Livejournal seems to be having a problem posting by e-mail. I just figured this out after trying to post something from my phone about 10 times. I also tried to post from my personal e-mail account, and no luck.

So, if random crap just starts to show up, or the same post shows up around 10 times, its just LJ catching up with me, and I will get around to deleting the back entrys.


Picture Post

So, this was the picture that I took this morning at the Albuquerque Interntaional Sunport (AKA Airport). I tried to post it this morning, but it never did. Go figure. Anyway, it finaly posted tonight with the other 10 times I tried (rest have been removed).