December 9th, 2005


Deck the halls with...Wait, I have no halls.

So, tonight I finaly got around to getting the lights up on the outside of my apartment. Last year, all I did was put up some ice icicle on my patio. Well, this year, I wanted to do a little more, so I was also going to put lights around my fence goes around my patio. Well, when I got the lights up on the fence, it looked werid.

So, a trip to target and 20 dollars later, I was wraping 20ft of garland around the fence. Then I took the lights, and wraped that around the garland. I am pretty happy with the outcome. I still might get more garland, but I am not sure yet. I will figure that out in a few days.

Here is the finished project (so far). Martha Stewart eat your heart out, lol:


Christmas Cards...

Ok, so I am going to do Christmas Cards this year, so here is what is going to happen. If you want a christmas card from me, post a comment with your name and address. All comments are screened, and will never be seen by anyone but me and only for the purpose of sending the cards out. Even if you think I have your address, please give it to me again, cus it will make doing this so much better for me.

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