October 27th, 2005


Damn my car!

So, I make one picture post yesterday That my car is getting old, and my car decides to break on me!

So, last night I was on my back to where I am house sitting. I was about to turn from Harper Dr on to Burlison Dr, when the power steering gave out! So, I made it the rest of the way there (about 1/2 mile). So, I called my dad, and tried to find a flashlight. So, I started under the hood, and saw that it looked like a belt had popped off. So, I tell my dad that, and he says he will come up at 7:30 that next morning.

So, 7:30 comes, and my dad shows up. So, he looks under the hood, and notices that we have bigger problems. The spindle thing, that the belt connects to for the power steering is not in line with the rest of them like it should be. So, he tells me that we are going to have to have my car towed down to Daves (my mechanic). So, I pull it out of the garage, and onto the street. So, then I grab a bunch of my personal effects from the car, and then head to my apartment.

So, I do a few things really quick at my apartment, and then we take off for the base, so my dad can go to work. So, we get on base after fighting rush hour traffic, and drop him off. So, then I fight my way back to my apartment through rush traffic again. I shower and dress for work and the day, and then head off to work. I finally get into the office a little before 10am.

So, I just made one comment that my car was getting old. That was not meant to be a cut down to my car, but more of a accomplishment that it has made it this far, and is was still running. So, now on one positive side of this, I have my dad’s car, which is a nice change! So, this is just a great way to top off this past two weeks! LOL.


EDIT (10/27/2005 - 11:51:36): The car has been towed away. So, now its up to Dave and his team to rebuild the beast! LOL. So, now it's called the waiting game!
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